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Msg #221
07-01-2014 10:11 pm

Bro guigno128,

Is it the counting still the same? before you tell me?

I didn't take it for today bro guigno128. hehehe.
Msg #222
07-01-2014 10:45 pm

Brother Moosang and Brother Guigno, please tell me what number u will buy for tomorrow draw please. Brother Moosang, please tell us what number u will buy please, so that we can copy yr number. I really hope I can make more money and pay back the government.
Msg #223
07-01-2014 11:03 pm

Bro Guigno128,

Thanks for your reply.. Let us see what will happens... Also bro we need your prediction.. Let us defect them..

Bro Moosang,

Thanks for your detailed explanation. We are all looking for your prediction to share in this forum..

Good bless
Msg #224
07-01-2014 11:48 pm

Bro Moo Sang

May I suggest

1. You post your prediction BEFORE the draw , not AFTER the draw

2. Stop posting how much you won week in week out. We are here to learn techniques and methods. Not to be woooo... ahhhhhhh... by your weekly winings

3. I have nothing personal against anyone. I just hope our small group can grow strong and everyone be happy

Msg #225
07-01-2014 11:52 pm

Bro Guigno128 and bro yenzare

so funny blind chicken eats the worm . I noticed the mistakes this morning and I go place RM1 . Guess I am the blind chicken
Msg #226
08-01-2014 12:25 am

Congrats bro sampan888
It's god will that make you win by my mistake..... :)
Msg #227
08-01-2014 12:27 am

Pls refer to Msg #231

Magnum 4D

Herewith some number for Magnum on Wednesday

Magnum 3D - 932
Magnum 4D - 9023 - 3429 - 9832

Good Luck
Msg #228
08-01-2014 12:33 am

Dear Fellows members

I'm sorry to says, wednesday was my bad luck day.. I dont know why.. I always lose on wednesday draw.. In the past forum, i already says i'm not a winner on wednesday draw.. Sometime took more than two month for me to win on wednesday draw.. This month, i already won on wednesday (last week).. So for incoming wednesday draw, i dont expect to win some because i dont know what month later i will win on wednesday draw.. Maybe in the next 1-2 month later, i still lose for wednesday draw.. If you want to try, my number for tomorrow was similiar with bro giugno number.. His number was 9023.. My number is 9072 (straight number, i already plot the positioning to be a direct number)..

But do not put the high hope because like i says, i always lose on wednesday draw.. Plus the Big Bro for each 4D company always monitoring the forum + website prediction without being notice by us.. Although we are very confident with our prediction number, the nos can be distort because of Big Bro didnt want too many people to win/didnt want to pays too many amount of prize.. Easy to says, they also didnt want to lose to us, they are business company.. No company want to lose.. The number can distort because of Big Bro ( the 4D positioning was wrong/miss 1D nos ).. Look at another website such as 4D2U, 4D Prediction and many more.. They give their prediction number too early.. When the result come out, what happened to their prediction? The number became distort.. If it was right, it always hit at consolation only but appears in the wrong position.. Need to buy permutation.. I believe they was good to predict but because of Big Bro monitoring their website, the number distorted..

Because of that, i didnt share too often my number and did not buy at legal place (counter outlet that has licence for doing 4D business).. The only reason i buy my number at counter outlet was because of Jackpot.. I bought jackpot pair and leave without buying the same number for small or big.. I will buy the same number at illegal place (trustrated place to buy 4D although they did not have licence).. Its not because of the prize, but i want to avoid the number become distort.. I admit the prize money at illegal place was awesome comparing to the legal place.. Also too many choice can play at illegal place.. Can play for 2D nos, 3D nos for podium prize, special prize and consolation prize.. That place didnt have jackpot.. If jackpot also can be play at that place, i will not buy jackpot at counter outlet.. That place guarantee me to win some coffee money/petrol car money if my 2D nos was right although the number appears in the consolation.. Beware, too many place that doing this business without license cannot be trustrated, they didnt want to pays if we won big amount.. So far i'm glad because at my place, they pays me whatever amount i won.. Owner of that place always told me " Aiiyaaa, dont come buy any number anymore at my place, i could bankcrupt because of you".. But he's only kidding with me..

My advice is do not put the high hope for tomorrow draw if you choose to bet on my number.. Plays within your limits + your own risks.. Good Luck!

Msg #229
08-01-2014 12:34 am

Bro yenzare
Your msg #237
Technically speaking yes, but since you have down some work, just continue from there.
Based on your previous counting (I believe your paper work still around), just add the additional counting to the previous work.
Example...one draw there are 23 number x 4Digits = 92, after you added up Tue's draw hit, add them to your previous work, if previously u did 5 past draws, by adding Tue's result, you have 6 past draws data.

Good Luck in your coming draw.
Msg #230
08-01-2014 01:30 am

Dear Giugno

I'm glad my cincai method help you to improving your sequantial method.. I believe your sequantial method will perform well, looking forward to see your sequantial method.. If you noticed that, i always says to you, use 3D nos to get a clear view.. And cincai method was create using the same 3D nos, and somehow its give you a big clap to improve your sequantial method..

Actually my cincai method was create from my passed away girlfriend idea.. One month before she passed away, i visited her at hospital.. She asked me "Dear, how your prediction?Going well or not? I says i did not have enough time to think, can you give me a simple idea?"..She says, i already teach you a lots of hint how to predict but you still cannot understand.. I says in the previous comment before this, i did not understand a single things from her explanation.. She did teach me how to predict straight number by only taking 5 minutes.. But in fact i still cannot understand how she managed to do that..

Back to the story, she ask me to bring the result when i come to visit her again.. On the next day, i went + brought her a result.. I brought her one magnum result (23 set of number from podium to consolation).. She saw the result and took around two minutes and give three straight number for me.. She says, buy this number tomorrow (at that time, tomorrow was the draw day).. I bought that three number at illegal place and won homerun podium.. I was shocked, visited her again to tell her about the result and ask her how she do that.. I dont understand accept for 3D nos part ( cincai method ).. And to proof that, she give me another three set number, and i won homerun podium prize again at illegal place.. At that time, i didnt know well how to play jackpot yet at counter outlet..

So i went to visit her again.. I wish she can give me another straight number but she refuse.. She says "Dear, use your brain + your eye properly, i want you to win because of your hardwork, i already give all the hint i found, its up to you now yo understand properly, i clueless now how to explain the hint for you in the simplest way".. A lots of part she give hint + teach me.. The right one i understand properly was the part of 3D nos ( cincai method )..

Now, only God knows how much i miss her.. Sometime i also ask myself, why must be her to passed away too early at her young age instead of another person? I'm praying for my next life, i will be together with her again, love her again + marry her.. The reason why i'm doing a part time job at some tuition centre was because of her, i dont want to fall in love with another girl.. I keep running myself from to be too close with another girl.. Sometime if i was bored, i went to my futsal centre, look the people play futsal and joined them to play futsal.. Sometime go to restaurant, chatting with my friend (guy) + watching football game together on television at restaurant... Up until nows i didnt date any girl yet + didnt marry yet, still a single guy..

Msg #231
08-01-2014 01:53 am

Dear moosang

You are a kind soul and I believe god is looking over your shoulder. I believe certain part of you were gone since she said goodbye, but believe me, in this universe, there's always positive/negative, yin/yang...
But one thing I am sure, be happy, as your girl friend wanted you to be. To date another girl or not is not an issue. Is what you are, open up your heart and lets things come to you. If fate that you should not get marry, then take it as it is. If fate that you will meet someone, then you cannot run away.

Whatever the situation would be, no one can replaced her even if you have a wife in future.

Take things as it is, wealth, you have no problem, another things that your girlfriend wish to see, be yourself, be happy.

God blessed my friend.
Msg #232
08-01-2014 01:55 am

Dear Sampan,

My comment (Msg#244) already answer your request + why i always avoid to give my number.. If you want to get my another prediction number, go to the fodi dot com website.. I'm the one of the predictors at that website for magnum.. We have more than 5 person doing prediction for magnum.. And another person doing prediction for toto,damacai and so on.. Each draw, i always put only ONE number in that website because dont want all my number turn distorted.. The remsining number was from another person..You need to think which one was my number at that website.. That website was running by a group of person who was good based on what counter they are good with.. I dont want to give the fish because instead of give them too may fish, i want to teach them how to catch the fish for the rest of their life.. You says you wanna learn method here? On the last month forum, i already share some method how to predict.. In fact, bro Giugno also learn from my method and he's improving.. And my Cincai method also helps him to improve his new method.. Do not asked me to put the past month method/hint to predict straight because you need to be hardworking to read and learn.. If bro Giugno,Sifu 4D, Best4 Master Sifu leave this forum, how you want to play 4D? Use your brain too, do not always depend on another person..
Msg #233
08-01-2014 03:23 am

I will not share hint/method here if my hint & method cannot be use.. The reason i'm sharing the hint/method was because i always won from that hint/method.. That why i want people learning from that hint/method to give them a winning ways for the rest of their life.. I have another 5 winning method anymore but dont want to share because of a few people here didnt pay close attention on what i'm saying (hint/method).. You have your own method but didnt want to applying my hint in your method.. When you lose, you crying here and mad at me because didnt share my number.. Look at Bro Giugno, he applying my hint in his pandora and improving.. You bought the number from his pandora and still mad at me??? I believe when his new method appears here, people will smile because can win some money and still mad at me because didnt help.. In fact, i help him to improve his new method by using my cincai method.. So still mad at me if you win by using his new method??? I believe if he want, he will not share his new method + his pandora anymore for the next incoming draw.. So who want to helps you anymore if all the sifus here leave this forum??

I come to this forum because i saw this forum need some discussion here to improve the winning chance.. In the last month forum, the discussion started when i came to this forum.. Nobody want to discuss before i came here.. Very dead forum before this.. In the last month forum, i discussed with bro Sifu4D and bro Giugno.. Last month when bro Giugno put his pandora, nobody here noticed that except me.. I'm the first one noticed that and he appreciates me because of that.. I keep giving him some idea to improve his pandora and he noticed my idea can be use to improve his method.. After the discussion, people here realise about his pandora and use that.. Still mad at me?? Bro Sifu4D also has his own method.. But using his method + applying my hint + my method to predict straight, he won damacai jackpot 1 almost $30M last month.. He keep thanking me a lots because of that and asking me to continue the discussion to helps people to win.. Yeahh its depend on luck but luck will appears when we search for it by hardworking research/analysis..

So people didnt realise how i helps the other in my ways.. You can continue to be mad at me because it was your attitude.. If you want to begging some helps, be nice.. I dont talk big here but judging from a few people attitude here especially bro sampan, clearly for me, he just want to copy another person number here but he says he want to learn here.. If he really want to learn, ask some question to understand properly.. Why must be quiet if wanna learn? Although already understood, also can ask because wanna get some tips.. In another forum, i keep quiet because they always fighting each other instead of helping each other to improve the winning chance.. So today i decided it was my last day on this forum.. I will not share some hint/method here anymore because bro sampan clearly wanna fight with me.. In fact if a few sifus here decided to leave this forum, only yourself can helps you to get a winning nos.. I dont know what happened to this forum after my leaving, who want to discuss with bro giugno here to improve his method? You use his method to win some.. In fact if he also decided to leave, no pandora anymore here to guide you to choose a winning nos..
Msg #234
08-01-2014 04:32 am

My last advice here before leaving this forum forever like cupin did, how to improve luck? I believe i won because of luck too, but what i'm doing to get some luck?

I play 4D since 2011 until now.. Also won consistently every week since 2011 until now.. Its doesnt matter what prize i had won but a win is still a win.. Who want to give you $100 buta2? Even if we want to borrow some money from our friend too, they will think deep because afraid we cannot pay them back..

I believe because of this TWO things i had done, i always have a luck..Although did not won jackpot yet as i says in my comment at last month (maybe i'm not destine yet to win a jackpot at my age now).. So i want people here also doing the same thing to improve yours luck..

1) I always listen my father advice.. Do not bet 4D with high amount, only for feeding the hungry mouth + do not make betting 4D as your job..

2) People always says, help others to improve yours luck.. But nobody give any attention to animals.. When i was at my teen age (around 16 year old), i always feed any hungry animal that i met at restaurant/kedai kopi.. My father give money to buy some food at my school and ask me to learn how to savings using that money.. Instead of savings that money, i choose to feed some animals especially cat if i found at kedai kopi.. If i went to kedai kopi and saw some hungry cat, i will buy them some food.. Nowdays, i'm still doing the same things, feed any animals at kedai kopi.. In fact now, too many hungry cat at kedai kopi if we noticed that.. But how many humans beings give them some food? There reason i'm feeding them because they cannot buy some food for themself.. Cannot work to earns some money.. Didnt have a place to sleep well.. Didnt have any free medicine if they sick.. Didnt know well how to cross the road, die in the road because of motorcycle/car.. Didnt know how to search the food except steal some food from kedai kopi/house.. When they come to begging from people for some food with their sad face + voice, people always hit them,kick them.. I saw a lots of people kicked them at kedai kopi.. When i saw any animals dead on the road, i'm the one stop my car and remove that body.. So if you have enough money, i think people here also can do that to improve your luck.. Be nice to animals too.. Good Luck!
Msg #235
08-01-2014 08:17 am

There comes a time for every person when they reach certain level of enlightenment where compassion for others becomes the driving force in their life. I have observed this happening to my friend(s). Some turned vegan, some became strong animal activist out of the blue. Myself i'm slowy evolving :)

Thank you for stopping by here. While it has been short I believe you have shared very insightful techniques for us wanna be fisherman. Though I'm a bit sadden I haven't have time to really study and follow all those discussed yet. I have the last 2 months worth of forum printed out ready for study.

I'm a fan of Wolfram and Eureqa by Nutonian maybe that will help you automate your adventure even more.

Msg #236
08-01-2014 08:23 am


After I'm done reading all your notes, maybe I'll create a post in my blog and call it Moosang HexChart but I'll just relate it to number theory and no mention of 4D etc. Hope I will run into you again. :)
Msg #237
08-01-2014 09:10 am

Dear moosang
Sad to hear that u r leaving.... respect whatever your decision but would appreciates if anyway keep in touch for the interest that we are sharing. We have the rights whether to post the numbers or not, same we have the rights to continue serving in the forum, I respect you for what you are helping... incl. me.

You can reach me at giugno128 (gmail_dot_com). I do not want to
loose a friend out of same interest.

Thank you so much moosang

Msg #238
08-01-2014 10:04 am

Dear all forum reader

when reading post here make use of the the greatest gift GOD gives you. That is common sense

no illegal 4D runner will accept your bet if you wins week in week out

also this is a true story â. my friend won RM257,000 at illegal counter once â. and guess what , the following week he got a call gently advise him to bank in 20% of his winning into a certain bank acct

the scenario is simple â. illegal counter mostly owned by underworld figure â. you think you can simply win fifty sixty thousands week in week out and they leave you alone?

I hope everyone here can reason proper â. those are my two cents
Msg #239
08-01-2014 10:12 am

I'm not going to work today.. Because did not sleep well last night, i got a big headache today, also already got some MC from clinic.. I'm just mad with him.. For me, his attitude clearly bad.. He won but did he thanks Bro Giugno because using his pandora? Did he thanks Bro Yenzare because he pick the 3D nos from his sharing? Instead of thanking them, he was mad with me because not sharing my number.. Then he says, he want to learn some method here? Its clearly for me, he only want to copy other number instead of learning some method here.. I'm really mad with him, cannot sleep well.. That how i will be if i really pissed off, cannot sleep..

There reason why i'm sharing my method + my hint was, its was created by using a genius girl idea (190 IQ levels).. That why i dare enough to share because of that, i won and develop a lots of skill to predict straight.. Do you think that person will be born every year? How many years now since Einstein passed away? He create his formula.. From his formula, people can have nuclear technology, chemical weapon.. Scientiest create computer, cellphone and many more.. In fact we use all their idea, buy car + computer + cellphone and using every day in our life..

She give me 23 biggest hint to predict 4Ds.. All hint was there in 23 set of number according to her, but each number had difference hint.. Podium 1 has its own hint, podium two had its own hint and same goes with the remaining set of number.. But from those 23 biggest hint, i only managed to understand properly around 8 hint and 8 method.. I already share 3 of the method here + 3 hint here according to what i'm learning from her.. Nowdays i'm still learning the remaining hint she told me but still cannot understand properly yet.. I only share hint/method that i understand properly 100%.. I hope people learn and develope their own skill to predict, also combine with their own method to improve their chance to winning.. Perhaps from that, they can become a future billionaires.. If a genius person teach you how to predict 4D, and you won because of that, do you want to share that formula with other person? I think very rarely people will share their winning formula for free.. I'm thankful to God because make me met her,fall in love with her.. As a regard, i want to show my thanking by give some valuable method and hint..

I respected / salutes and proud all sifu here.. ( Sifu4D, Best4 Master Sifu, Giugno ) because they managed to create their own winning formula.. They create their own Pandora, their own computer programe to predict and won from that.. Unlike me, my method + hint was from her.. If i dont met her, i'm only a loser.. That why i'm sharing here to helps people to develop their own skill.. If she want, before passed away, she could give me set of 4D for each draw.. But she refuse and want me to learn + develop my skill by learning from her.. That why i also want people to learn because you can teach someone later if you managed to understand properly and win.. Perhaps teach your family/ a trustrated closed friend to win too.. Look at around you, how many people share their method for free? I'm not saying i'm a genius but i'm saying we will lose a valuable genius hint from a genius girl thought if we choose to be selfish..

She says to me like this "Whatever things human created, its will surely have some clue there to figure out.. Only God create perfect things.. Same goes with 4D because the digit (0-9) was created from human being brain, the computer was created from human beings brain, the draw machines also, so for surely our brain can think a formula to solve the 4D problem"... But my bad, i cannot understand well from her explanation of 23 biggest hint, only managed to understand 8 of them.. Nowdays i'm still learning the remaining hint but cannot find a true meaning yet.. I'm just a normal person, not a genius but i'm thankful enough because a genius person give me her though + hint about 4D.. I'm using the hint from her and i'm improving days by days.. That why i want people to learn too, to improve themself and trust me, you will keep improving day by day if you learning that..

Msg #240
08-01-2014 10:17 am

Do you know how many illegal place at my place Sampan? More than 10 place and was trustrated when pays the prize amount.. You are too lazy to read my previous comment in the last month, i says at that place only can bet $50 for the highest amount for one number.. And do you think each draw, i will buy my number at same illegal place? Be smart lah, each draw play at difference illegal place.. Dont talk anything if you dont know me.. You acted like you know me well.. What a joke, do not make the other people saw your bad attitude here + thinking you are stupid..
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