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December 4D Prediction

Reminder: Please settle and pay your debt first before playing lottery. Pay early to prevent loan interest. Save as much money into your private retirement scheme, because 75% people is not ready for their retirement nowdays and the kwsp, epf and cpf money will finish in just 5 years. Credit cards like visa and mastercard are easy to get, think carefully before you spend money and buy something with it. Do not play any online gambling or going to casino, because it is very addictive and hard to manage budget. Clairvoyant and tarot psychic reading can help to increase chances of winning the lottery sometimes, but please be careful.


Msg #81

04-12-2013 08:41 pm

Dua dua 9310 dan 9667 saya dapat poh2. Tapi hanya mbox rm6. Boleh la untuk cover yang lain dan wat modal untuk seterusnya.


Msg #82

04-12-2013 08:43 pm

Poh2. Boleh bagi nombor jp 4d..


Msg #83

04-12-2013 08:57 pm

Sifu4D and fellow members,
Jz now back from work and frantically bought some of your, Best4 Master and moosang's numbers. Not enough time to analyse many numbers... Only won Best4 Master 1538 (mbox). Never mind anyway, can have more time to do it on weekend....For those who dont win, stay optimistic..do more homework and make a comeback to hit bigger..

(Master Sifu)

Msg #84

04-12-2013 09:58 pm

Hello Members,
Today is a day of mixed feelings....I was at a 4D outlet and I noticed a car with plate number 1948 (my birth year)...I decided to place $10Big IBet on it....at the sametime I was very confident with the combination 1930 which I placed $20BigIbet and $10Small IBet (I seldom play that much)
1930 went North to Magnum (3rd prize 3109) luckily 1948 saved the day (S.Pool 2nd prize 9481) and I picked up $410 dollars..
Well you cannot win them all...half a loaf is better than none..
This weekend I have some good numbers..will let you guys know..need to analyse and double check first.
Cheers to those who won tonight..


Msg #85

04-12-2013 10:54 pm

Dear Sifus,

Glad to hear that many people are winning by following this forum. By the way, Im trying my level best to predict numbers but its always out of the track. I usually do it for Magnum but never in history that any of my prediction got on track. Im using the system by adding 1111, 2222 and so on to the podium numbers but still I dont have the right clue which 2d will the base for us to extract for 4d numbers. I hope Sifus can explain further on their prediction methods for us to learn more. Thanks and congrats for those who have won.


Msg #86

05-12-2013 12:17 am

Hello all.. Best4 Master sifu, Sifu4D, Moosang n Poh 2.. Didnt manage any win so far this month but did have some winnings from the sharing in this forum last month. Congrats to all that chose and bet on Poh2 prediction today.. What a nice hint it was... Too bad was out on a fligt and unable to see the forum to buy the numbers.. Also to moosang.. Hope u get well soon.. I believe if the predictor dont buy his own number.. Chances are lesser to hit.. Much more if he is feeling unwell or sick. Hehehe.. Please get better soon..

To all sifus.. This weekend on sunday 8th dec is my 1st year wedding anniversary. Thinking of what number to buy for the occasion sifus.. Best4 have already gave me a reading but not for my wife..which is 22/3/1980 and our wedding date 8/12/2012.. It would be nice to hit this weekend.. Much appreciate for your help sifus..



Msg #87

05-12-2013 10:18 am

Hi Best4(Master Sifu), thanks for the prediction. I hit continuously for the past 2 weeks. appreciate the time n effort u put in to help us out here. Thanks a million to u. Btw Poh2,congrats!!! both ur number hit magnum top n starter. regret for nt buying ur number. I always buy my numbers b4 noon so I missed urs. btw, did u win the Jackpot?


Msg #88

05-12-2013 11:00 am

shimis27, jp1 = 2 PODIUM STRIKES / JP2 = PODIUM & STARTER. My lucky 4ds only struck podium + conso; so I kena only RM168 from jp bet. I bought ibox RM10 big & RM10 small. so you go figure how much I untung, haha !!!

(Master Sifu)

Msg #89

05-12-2013 12:49 pm

Hello Shermeister,
Please proceed to topic "It helps to know your lucky days and lucky periods" look for message#2000, your wife's lucky reading is there...
For your 1st Wedding anniversary, you look up your wedding certificate number...Try these numbers also 3244,2932,3532..must cover box...Wishing you and your wife many blissful years ahead!!!!
Goodluck and GBY


Msg #90

05-12-2013 03:42 pm

Hello members

Congrates to those who had won for yesterday winner.. I'm not well yet, still MC today and didnt starting prediction for saturday yet.. We still have plenty of time to finalise our 4d number for saturday..

Just wanna share a little bit of hint and tips to fellow members here.. I
believe maybe there is some people still dont know how to choose or to extract the number from previous draw..

History of 4d already told us, that any number from previous draw will be extract and will be hit for to next draw.. It doesnt matter where that number will be, podium consolation or special because it definitely help us to finalise our betting and help us to make the final decision..

Mostly the number on the next draw will be extract from previous draw, high percentage from the last draw.. The 2d number surely and 3d also.. Usually any number for 2d and 3d for the next draw always found on consolation (last draw).. But it doesnt mean any number from special and podium to be avoid or to be forgotten.. Also previous previous previous ( last week draw, last month draw and so on ) did not mean we can avoid them, we still need to pay attention too..

How would we know which number could be extract from the last draw? Firstly we need to know the hot and cold number.. From those number, we can make decision... How we want to know the hot and cold number? Before i answering that question, i want to explain what is hot and cold number first.. Hot number is any number a very hot number appears for the last 3-4 draw and cold number is a cold number appearing just a little at previous 3-4 draw.. This hot and cold number always changes for each draw.. For example if we found number 2 is very hot and appears regularly with high amount from previous 3-4 draw, the percentage of it to appears very little amount for the draw is high, meaning it has turn to be cold number..

So back to the question, how could we know hot and cold number? I will explain based on my method and maybe its difference from someone method here.. Hopefully fellow members here can understand because i'm not good at explaining a things, my english also not good enough..

I always choose the best 6 number to be my hot number and another 4 to be my cold number.. For each draw, i will searching for the hot and cold number firstly before make a decision what number i want to bet for the next draw.. I will save those hot and cold numbers of each draw to be my guide to make a decision..

My method was simple, from the last draw i will count on each digit to find what number to be my hot and cold.. Start counting from number 0 - 9 and record how many time it was hit at the last draw then plus all those hit.. Make sure to get to total of them was 92..

For example, we know there was 3 combination number to be at 1st,2nd and 3rd prize.. 10 combination number to be at consolation and special prize.. So start count from 1st prize until the last number at consolation.. Make sure to count all number that appears on the last draw ( 0-9 ).. Lets say when we count number 0, it his 6 time on the last draw, number 1 hit 12 time.. So after we finish count, plus all hit time and make sure the total was 92.. Based on my method i will choose the 6 best of number which its hit time is highly and another number will be my cold number.. Then compare those number with another ( sunday draw with saturday draw ).. Then after finish doing that, we will know which number are still hot, which number from hot to became cold and which number from cold to became hot..

Why the total must be 92? I dont know why because for each draw 92 was the total hit time.. You can count yourself to make sure it was true or not, you can count the last draw then the previous previous previous draw.. Its also help me to create our own imagination of 23 combination number for the next draw.. I will create from hot and cold number, then count all the digit to make sure my imagination can helps me to search for the right combination number.. I always pick 3 combination out of my 23 combination numbers to be my final number to bet on.. Because i dont spend much when betting and always bet on 2-3 number, not betting with too many number.. So if my total digit was more than 92, its told me my imagination was wrong.. From that, i also believe each 4d company already setting up what numbers to hit highly.. For example, if the want number 1 is their most hit, they will setup on their computer programmed and number 1 appears highly on the day draw and if they want number 3 to appears very little, so the number 3 will hit a little.. So i believe 92 was a good answers for me to believe 4d is base on computer programme..

Here is a another tips for fellow member ( mostly for magnum because i only did my analysis on magnum ) .. You can predict the podium number with this hint.. Maybe some fellow members here know very well to read ticket coding and so on, but only managed to found 3d and clueless for another 1d.. Look carefully the previous draw and you will found the pattern of combinations number that hit podium and it will helps you to choose another 1d number.. From my view, 70% magnum like to do with that method.. For example, look at the number that was hit on podium (1st 2nd and 3rd) then look at the last digit and you will notice it..

Clearly example lets say like this :

1st ) 1234
2nd) 5678
3rd) 9021

So look at last digit shown in the example, we will notice that 1st and 2nd prize has even digit to be at the last place and 3rd prize was odd digit.. Magnum podium 70% always pattern like that ( 2 pairs of odd number, or even number but sometime 3 pairs of odd and so on ).. You can check the result from previous draw to noticed that..

Hopefully this tips helps a little bit to predict 1d if we already confident which 3d number will be draw.. I'm sorry because my english was not good and i was bad to explaining a thing.. Hopefully fellow member can understand what i'm trying to says..


Msg #91

05-12-2013 04:05 pm

Example :

Result magnum on 24.11.2013

1) 9792
2) 4176
3) 3537


1) 5070
2) 7029
3) 4028



So look closely the difference between that three result.. We found the 3rd prize was change from odd to be even then odd number again.. So we can predict maybe for the draw, it will turn to be even number.. Or maybe it still same.. Check the result yourself because i'm too lazy to put it here + not feeling well.. If we found 1st 2nd and 3rd was even number, so it can turn to be odd number for the next draw..

Hopefully on this site, no magnum spy was here because if they also was here to spy all of our topics, maybe they will change the pattern and make it more hard to predict anymore.. Based on 92 i already explain above ( my comment above ), i believe they can change their pattern if they want because they controlling their computer programme.. Suddenly if they change it, it will be hard for us to predict because we already know for this month, the repeating number was highly percentage to be appears again and after that change, the pattern for this month for surely also change dramaticly..


Msg #92

05-12-2013 04:47 pm

Then, how can we know the combination number to bet on?

For example, lets say we already know 3d number and clueless for another 1d, lets says we know 418 was our 3d.. Anybody who has much money to bet, they can buy all number to put on those 3d to be 4180,4181,4182 and so on..

If we only have RM5 and nobody want to lend us their money, what can we do although we knew those 3d number surely will be on the next draw, what can we do?

So we maybe decide not to bet.. And if we still wanna bet because we believe those 3d number will hit, all we can do is to find what combination from analysis the previous previous previous draw.. Many people always losing one digit when the result come out and cannot do anything although they permutations those number.. If we find the combination, we can win with permutations if the number was there in the result..

418.. For example, i pick number 8 from those 3d.. What number 8 always come pairing with? Based on my analysis, number 8 always come out pairing with number 5,7, and 9.. But it come more with number 9 comparing to number 5 and 7.. So we could put number 9 to be 4189..

But its depending to hot and cold and the pattern of number ( i already explain on my comment above for magnum ).. For example lets say the last 3-4 draw, number 9 and 7 was very hot.. And number 5 was cold for the last 3-4 draw.. So the chance for number 5 turning to be hot was high and the chance number 7 and 9 to become cold also high.. So we can put number 5 to be 4185... Another pairing number, you need to do your own analysis to get it..

Then lets say for the last 3-4 draw, the podium number was odd number to be the last digit, so it perhaps become even number for the next draw.. So we can modify 4185 to be 5418 and permutation it.. Who know if we bet without permutations, or play jackpoct, it will hit..

Hopefully my sharing here give some helps for fellow member here...


Msg #93

05-12-2013 05:02 pm

Dear Moosang,

Thanks alot for your explanation. Its very interesting yet confusing. Im very keen on your method and going to give it a try on Magnum counter. Thanks alot.


Msg #94

05-12-2013 05:12 pm


Which part you still confusing yet? I will try my best to explain it to you..


Msg #95

05-12-2013 05:49 pm

hi moosang,
i just did whatever u told me to find the hot number and cold number from previous draws.then wat should i do after that?moosang...you are correct.the total sum for every draws hit is 92. but still i cant find the 2d or 3d number.hope you can teach me.tq...


Msg #96

05-12-2013 06:34 pm

"So i believe 92 was a good answer for me to believe 4d is based on computer programme..." Wow with all those explanations (although I havent digested all of them), I do agree with u. U are brilliant. I am speechless..By mastering all those tips and explanations, hope that i can hit direct next timeSSS.


Msg #97

05-12-2013 07:01 pm

Haha finally i found it at 4dpredict website. Go to that website and click MAGNUM 4D, we no need to calculate the number of hits ourselves because all hits of Magnum draws are there (from 1985 until now). Check it out..That will ease the first step of your method. Cheers


Msg #98

05-12-2013 07:07 pm

I have calculated a total of previous 9 draws. And u are right, each draw will give rise to 92 hits. Wow!!!


Msg #99

05-12-2013 07:13 pm

Hye Champion6

Thanks god, you got what i'm trying to say.. So what is your opinion bout that 92? I personally strongly believe it was computer programme and because of that, people read the code at lottery ticket to find which number will be draw.. Why the read the code ticket if it wasnt computer programme?

Okay, you already found the hot and cold number. I forgot to mention, fellow members must find the hot and cold number for at least the last 3-4 draw and compare it, i apologize for that..

Then after you already found hot and cold number for at least 3-4 last draw, you need to compare it.. Then after compare it, you will know which number still hot and cold and which number already change from hot to cold, cold to hot..

Mostly the number will be draw was hot number, at least for 2d and 3d.. And another 1d or 2d will be cold number then when combine it, it become 4d..

For example, let say from last draw (wednesday) the hot number was 1,2,3,4,5 and 6 then the cold number was 0,7,8 and 9.. And lets says from the last draw ( tuesday ) the hot number was 0,2,3,4,5 and 8 then the cold number was 1,6,7 and 9.. So from this example, we knew hot and cold number already change.. The hot number that hasnt change, it will still hot and have high chance to appears again for the next draw, and cold number has a little chance to appears.. In this case of example, number 9 was cold number and maybe have a little chance to appears.. Any number are still hot and maintain hot, it will keep appearing for a while and if we put those hot number, it can increase our chance to win.. From my example above, number 4 is hot number..
But we must know the important part, the hot and cold number will surely change at least 3-4 draw.. From example above, the chance of number 4 will become cold and appears a little was high and number 9 will turn hot is high.. That why we need to find hot and cold number for at least the last 3-4 draw, record and save if to be our guide then compare it..

Any 4d company always pairs their number with this combination : XXXC or CCXX or so on but for surely there must be at least two or three hot number ( C is cold number, X is hot number ).. But they also pair their number with all hot number but rarely pair their number with all cold number.. For example let say number 4001 was hit the podium and won 2nd prize and number 1430 was hit the consolation prize.. Then we must check our hot and cold number then if we manage to find that number 0,1,4 was at our hot number list, and it only appears for 2 draw, then the 3 draw ( next draw ) it has high chance the number 0,1,4 will appears and pairing again.. This hot number always be the same for at least 3-4 darw then change to be cold number..

For example after 3-4 draw, number 0,1,4 will become cold.. And another cold number will replace them to be hot number and appearing with dramaticly on the next draw.. So after we compare the hot and cold number for at least 3-4 draw, we can get some idea to extract what number we want to bet or we want to extract.. Like i said, it will appear for at least 2d and combine such as my above example..

For clearly example is shown below :

Lets say number 3,4 and 5 was cold and number 1,2,6,7,8,9 was hot.. Then number 2993 was at special prize... So we can extract number 2 and 9 to be our next draw number.. It means we already have 2d number.. But its depending on our hot and cold list number.. In our list If number 2 was hot for a long long long time, it has a chance to become cold, so we can choose another number at special prize, consolation and so on to find what number to extract.. I mostly extract those number that has at least 3 hot number..

Most important things, we must know the combination of pairing number.. I already told us about the secret of 4d company about what combination the use ( look example above in this comment ) and you must notice that combination was 3 hot, 1 cold and 2 hot, 2 cold number.. It very rare the hot number was 1,3 cold number in the combination.. So after know the combination and what number to extract, we can start predicting with more easier and sometime can placing those number to the right place..

Lets say for example, we already extract 567 to be our 3d number and all of it was hot number.. So all we need to do is find another 1d from cold number and 1d from hot number, lets say in our list number 0,3,4 was cold and 2,5,6,7,8,9 was hot.. Then we are clueless to choose and dont have too much money to bet.. So we need to know the combination pairing for each number.. In this example, lets say number 5,6,7 always pair with 6 (hot number) and always pair with 0 (cold number).. So our remaining 1d was 0 and 6.. We can put them at our 3d number 567 to be 5670 and 5676 and buy permutation this number if we have enough money.. If we only have RM1 and nobody want to lend their money for us, we need to choose one of them...

So how to choose? For me its depends on our own intuition and so on... So if we want to play jackpot without permutation because did mot have enough budget to spend, we must try our best to find the right place for those number, lets say we choose both of them 5670 and 5676..

So to find the right place, like i says on the comment above (the comment before this comment) we need to know the pattern number for this month.. For example, lets say this month odd number was the pattern for this month for all hit podium at magnum ( 1st,2nd and 3rd the last digit was odd number for a long long long time ) .. So it will be same or change to be even number.. And we buy 5670 and 5676 as our jackpot number without permutation and without knowing the pattern, so it will put us highly chance to lose our jackpot prize because if the number 5670 and 5676 has hit the podium for jackpot 1 but it hit like this 6705 and 6675, so we lose it..


Msg #100

05-12-2013 07:17 pm

U wrote "Why the total must be 92? I dont know why because for each draw 92 was the total hit time". Mathematically, it is because 23 x 4 = 92.
3 podium numbers, 10 Special numbers and 10 Consolation numbers. Within each number/combination, there is 4 digits of number. Thus, (3+10+10) x 4 = 92.

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