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December 4D Prediction

Reminder: Please settle and pay your debt first before playing lottery. Pay early to prevent loan interest. Save as much money into your private retirement scheme, because 75% people is not ready for their retirement nowdays and the kwsp, epf and cpf money will finish in just 5 years. Credit cards like visa and mastercard are easy to get, think carefully before you spend money and buy something with it. Do not play any online gambling or going to casino, because it is very addictive and hard to manage budget. Clairvoyant and tarot psychic reading can help to increase chances of winning the lottery sometimes, but please be careful.


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03-12-2013 10:07 pm

I believe you brother because just like you i hit it big last 13 Oct. 1st price in singapore4D S$25K. I want to play small and lie low. But honestly... its hard. Easily said but hard to do. what i feel is when i play big bet my adrenaline shoot up and its a great feeling.
The exciting feeling of will i hit it big again thrills me. Since then i still haven't won any big price(consolation sometimes) thats why lucky for me i see this forum.... with every bodies help who knows? So lets start the ball rolling and play the game...and win. God Bless us all.


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03-12-2013 11:17 pm

Wow! U are good. Keep it up.. U really have the talent to predict and hit direct. Mostly it is quite hard for fellow members here even to hit ibox numbers. Most of us here lacking skills and knowlegde and thus tend to rely on Best4 Master, Sifu4D for prediction. We only can earn money from numbers predicted by others. What about if they leave this forum? Who we need to rely on? So it is important for us to be diligent and develop ourselves with effective techniques to predict numbers. I believe the saying "where there is a will, there is a way". U do work very hard since u said "need to pushing my brain hard...". So there must be some methods to it..Hope that i can improve myself and predict the right numbers in future. Never give up.


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03-12-2013 11:41 pm

Master SIfu and Sifu4D

Also other member friends.

Any comments for this number for tomorrow..



Looking for your suggestion. This is my small guessing...

Today i got some money in Ibox Magnum by our Master SIfu Predict on Sunday 1st Prize (Ibox).

This time i saw this forum one our member Moosang got some bit direct hit.. Congrats friend.. Hope next Draw we all must get some good money..

So friends need to work hard and don't disturb family... "Play while you Play and Work While you Work"

Cheers mates... God bless all..

Also friends suggest and predict your combination as much as you can. And our master and Sifu and other mates can suggest for others... Looking for info


Msg #64

04-12-2013 12:24 am

The pattern this month for magnum has change around 75% from previous month.. There is high chance any repeating number will appear in podium.. At least for 3d, sometime also appears for 4d.. There another 1d will replace by the same group of number ( odd with odd number and even with even number ).

For example if 1234 (ABCD) hit podium from last two month, it will appears again and it will be 14X3 (X is replacement for number 2 and will replace by 0,4,6 or 8 and it will be ADCB). I will told all of you the secret bout last result.

Why 2110 (ABCD) appears on podium today? Because it appears on september at podium. You can check magnum result on september 2013, it was 0112 ( DCBA )hit the podium.

How i knew today 2110 will hit? It because when any 0 number appears on podium, it will be double digit for the next draw. At least for the next incoming 2 draw, very rarely to appears on 3rd,4th draw and so on. Sometime triple digit will sppears but very rare. It will appears like this ( xAAx or AAxx or xxAA or xAAA or AAAx. AxAx or xAxA also appears but rarely). 0964 already appears on saturday 30.11.2013. If we count from saturday until today,tuesday, it was 2 draw or 3 draw.

Symbol A is referring to double digit and x is referring to any number. That just a simple hint from me to fellow members here, how to predict direct number. I dont know this hint is working for toto,damacai,singapore or cashweep because i'm only do the analysis for magnum because i really like yellow colour. Hopefully it working but you all need to do your own analysis bout that because perhaps it different with magnum style.

Another example for this tips is below.

28.5.13 = 0182 2nd prize
29.5.13 = 7155 1st prize and 6211 3rd prize

8.6.13 = 0274 2nd prize
9.6.13 = 5596 2nd prize

9.6.13 = 0148 1st prize
15.6.13 = 7388 1st prize

29.6.13 = 0017 1st prize
30.6.13 = 2235 2nd prize

10.7.13 = 0469 2nd prize
13.7.13 = 1500 2nd prize

20.7.13 = 0354 3rd prize
24.7.13 = 2022 1st prize

24.7.13 = 0719 and 0231 for 2nd and 3rd prize
28.7.13 = 8330 2nd prize

31.7.13 = 0630 3rd prize
7.8.13 = 6060 2nd prize

11.8.13 = 0890 2nd prize
14.8.13 = 1288 1st prize

3.9.13 = 0278 and 0632 for 1st and 2nd prize
4.9.13 = 4449 1st prize

4.9.13 = 0230 2nd prize
8.9.13 = 5886 and 4884 for 2nd and 3rd prize

18.9.13 = 0120 3rd prize
22.9.13 = 0112 2nd prize

21.9.13 = 0759 3rd prize
22.9.13 = 0112 2nd prize

22.9.13 = 0735 1st prize
25.9.13 = 0444 1st prize

25.9.13 = 0207 3rd prize
28.9.13 = 0331, 6887 and 3114 for 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize

9.10.13 = 0033 1st prize
13.10.13 = 6557 1st prize

16.10.13 = 0020 2nd prize
19.10.13 = 1104 1st prize

27.10.13 = 0035 and 0658 2nd and 3rd prize
30.10.13 = 0499 2nd prize

29.10.13 = 0219 3rd prize
30.10.13 = 0499 2nd prize

30.10.13 = 0499 2nd prize
2.11.13 = 5514 1st prize

2.11.13 = 0500 2nd prize, 3.11.13 = 0626, 0412 1st and 2nd prize
10.11.13 = 4655, 6338 1st and 2nd prize

17.11.13 = 0210 2nd prize
20.11.13 = 2757 2nd prize

30.11.13 = 0964 3rd prize
3.12.13 = 2110 2nd prize

This example only for magnum. I apologize if i was mistaken about the result. Please do check the result yourself to,make sure it was accurate with my example here. Hopefully this hint will give us benefits and enjoying to predict number for the next draw if we saw any 0 number appears again on podium.

(Master Sifu)

Msg #65

04-12-2013 12:54 am

Hello AllisWell,
Congrats on your winning tonight....
Out of the list of numbers which you predicted,I have short listed some numbers based on their past records....
All these were podium winners before and may repeat again...if not tomorrow, maybe sometime this month..


Msg #66

04-12-2013 12:58 am

Master Sifu,

Thanks for your comments.. I too saw your predict for tomorrow. Shall i add both mine and yours for tomorrow. What's ur suggestion?

Or you will predict again for tomorrow?


Msg #67

04-12-2013 01:22 am

AllisWell & Master Sifu

I saw both of your prediction. It was interesting number and have chance to appears. According to my method, some of those number already have 3d. I find it was very difficult this month to predict the right combination to placing that number on 4d. That why must permutations.

But there is high chance the repeating number will appears again. From my method, number 8 must be there in the podium for incoming 2-3 draw.

Based on my hard study, number 8 always appears pairing with 5,7 and 9. I personally choose number 9 because it was very high percentage comparing to the number 5 and 7. But its also depending on hint that was found in the last 2 draw. If hint was even number, it will pairs with even number also.

Maybe it could be placing like this x89x or xx89 or xx98 and so on.. That just my opinion. I'm not too sure because at the moment, i'm not finished my prediction method for tomorrow yet. You can check magnum result for the last 2 draw to look what pair 8 always come. Maybe it will give you idea and help you a little bit.


Msg #68

04-12-2013 02:20 am

Dear Moosang,

Thanks for your suggestion. Hope you are ready with good combination for tomorrow.

Awaiting for your predict soon.

Cheers... God Bless


Msg #69

04-12-2013 06:55 am

Thanks moosang. U really think deep and smart..Proud of u..And thanks for the tips. Will try your method and/or combine with Cupin method..I do like Magnum..Toto is very hard to predict la. Hoping that u will hit Magnum Jackpot 1 or/and 2 today. Jiayou.

(Master Sifu)

Msg #70

04-12-2013 08:14 am

Hello Members,
Here are my predictions for Wednesday (4/12)
Singapore Pools
Play the combination that has your lucky number/s in it..
Must cover Box/IBet


Msg #71

04-12-2013 10:10 am

Hello members. .

Happy wednesday, hopefully we have some luck today..

Today i'm not feeling well, got a big headache and also got MC from hospital.. The doctor told me perhaps i suffering a serious migrain.. He told me next week i need to see him again if the pain did not reduce..

Here is my prediction today for magnum. I cant predict with confident for today draw because my head sudah mau pecah.. Today perhaps i will not bet any number because wanna sleep, donno what time i will wake up..

I not too sure about my prediction for today, because the combinations of number already change their place a lots, same goes with the pattern for this month...

So if you wanna try, go on with your own risk.. I kindly advice to bet with small amount, save money for feeding our hungry mouth too..

2512 and 4856.. You can also cover mbox because my kepala sudah mau pecah think the right combination.. Good luck!


Msg #72

04-12-2013 02:20 pm

moo sang bro.

Please take care well.

Hope you can bring us some luck :-D

(Master Sifu)

Msg #73

04-12-2013 02:40 pm

Hello Members,
The North East monsoon is wrecking havoc in Trengannu,Pahang and Johore...I hope that our members are not affected and are safe...I am sure some of the 4D outlets in these states may be closed. Private bookies must be enjoying very brisk business.
Whatever happens,the 4D draws will continue..so make sure your 4D tickets are not victims of the flood.
Take care my friends and be very careful when going out..

(Master Sifu)

Msg #74

04-12-2013 02:46 pm

Hello Members,
4D Tips for North East Monsoon....
Must cover box


Msg #75

04-12-2013 04:57 pm

got luck for KTM 9310 & 6679


Msg #76

04-12-2013 04:59 pm

forgot to say ... best for Toto 4D & JP also


Msg #77

04-12-2013 05:15 pm

Hi all...
Its seem when I put other method, it come out with many numbers. Hope you all can predict and choose number with your method/analysis. This is prediction for today..

4455;;; 6788;;; 3144;;;6884;;;4515;;; 8586
5074;;; 0200;;; 7058;;; 5000;;; 4168;;; 0006
8651;;; 0070;;; 2052;;; 1749;;; 8000;;; 8563;;;
8653;;; 4056.

CRV, it show up that your feveret number will shown in counter. I dont know which counter but its depend on your luck and method prediction.
Goodluck for all


Msg #78

04-12-2013 05:18 pm

All counter@choose with your lucky counter


Msg #79

04-12-2013 07:56 pm

Poh2. Saya dapat hasil dari nombor ramalan awak dan juga sedikit hasil sama dari nombor ramalan sifu4d. Terima kasih poh2 dan sifu4d


Msg #80

04-12-2013 08:22 pm

admirer, u kena Mag 3109 ?

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