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17-01-2011 01:11 pm

Which past result is usually use for the prediction ..? Is it top 3 is the best?
(a geek)
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18-01-2011 10:29 am

Hi Quod,

Welcome to Cupin.Net. It's no specific answer for your question. The result is totally depends on the pattern itself. For me, I'm only use the top prize podium as a guide line. I'm using this strategy for a few years and it's really paying off. I'm believe the hot number will remain hot and cold number will remain cold. It will change when the pattern also change, where cold number will become hot and hot number will become cold. So you must monitor and tracking the pattern when playing 4D number :)
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19-01-2011 01:52 am

Ah I see thanks for the reply master will try to understand more about the patttern running now .. Hopefully will get some pocket money for the CNY coming =P
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19-02-2011 04:04 am

helo got any 2 digit tip???
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