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04-10-2013 06:51 pm

Hello System 7,
Dont say goodbye..
We are like one big happy family in here regardless of race, religion n etc. But most of us have only one thing in common which is the 4d game..
Wishing you all the best in your future undertakings.. Be happy and take care yeah..
(Master Sifu)
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04-10-2013 07:35 pm

Hello SIM,
Of all the numbers, I would go for 2540 and 2546.
You are in your lucky period now (October 4th to 14th)....
The reason why I chose for you these 2 numbers are because:
1........They have the best podium records amongst the numbers provided by you.
2.........Both have your lucky number "5" in them.
3.........The single digit sum for 2546 is "8" also your lucky number
2+5+4+6 = 17 = 1+7 = 8
Must box your numbers and goodluck at Damacai
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05-10-2013 01:28 am

system7, whatever you seek out to do, wish you all success. You may be very busy soon, but pop in once in a while when you can. We all, whether in black & white writing or not, after reading your message will all wish you well and all the best to your endeavor.
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05-10-2013 09:00 am

hi! system7 what's good numbers for today?
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05-10-2013 09:13 am

hi cupin,hi sifu master and hi all members. what's a number for today?
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05-10-2013 10:08 am

Dear Sim, looks like your number are very promising as commented by Mastersifu Best4 coz i also hv 435 n 425 as base no, double 3 or 5 could be on the scoreboard today..missing link: 1/6..hopefully yur date with ladyluck a wish come true..
Zaras68,welcome back n keep it steady mum,please do not stress up wt 4D he,he hope for smooth recovery.
Lucky93,hope u are wel,l n with encourage words n support, luck n success will follow u..im sure brother..
System7, even for a short stay.u hv already made an impact twds members in this forum, i cant deny that other than posting a "missed out" -sorry abt that-prediction im,also anxious n waiting for yur comments n predictions along with Best4 n other members.I wish u all the best wt yur future undertakings n god bless..
so we will be playing the "Blues" fr today boys..the late Gary Moore style.
take care all n enjoy yur weekend..
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05-10-2013 12:38 pm

(Master Sifu)
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05-10-2013 01:37 pm

Hello folks,
Here are my predictions for today (Saturday)
Singapore Pools
Must cover IBet
Must cover box
Play the combination that has your lucky number/s
Happy Birthday to try4luck....wishing you good health and abundance luck...huat all the way to the bank....
Have a wonderful day with your loved ones
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05-10-2013 01:40 pm

Msg #50
05-10-2013 01:48 pm

sifu master, 6139 dan 8314 ada luck ke?
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05-10-2013 01:58 pm

mana hilangnya best4 master sifu ni?
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05-10-2013 02:01 pm

thanks sifu for your pediction
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05-10-2013 02:06 pm

thanks for belalang too
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05-10-2013 03:34 pm

This forum is so lively,the people here are so cordial,are you all based in Malaysia?
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05-10-2013 03:40 pm

Hello Best4 Master Sifu...
Thanks for wish me HAPPY BIRTHDAY:)
Hope the number sifu give me will pop up at podium today.
(Master Sifu)
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05-10-2013 03:58 pm

Hello John7,
Welcome to the forum.....
To answer your question, the owner of this site Cupin,is definitely from Malaysia...which state..we dont know....Members are from Malaysia and Singapore.
I was born in Singapore but brought up in Malaysia (KL) but finally became Singaporean...
Regardless of what Nationality or race, we all speak one lingo..which is "numbers"
865...195....763?.........in alpha, means How are you? Hehehehe
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05-10-2013 05:12 pm

Hi master sifu & everyone,

Going to bet no 7416, 7164, 4617 frm sifu and belalang's prediction 9028, 2089...good luck everyone
Msg #58
05-10-2013 06:37 pm

Sportstoto 1481,1441,and 1484
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05-10-2013 08:06 pm

hi,master sifu, can do me a favor?
can i hv most of repeat num on 4 counter start from jan till september? thx sifu.
Msg #60
05-10-2013 09:53 pm

8985 struck at sabah 4d....
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