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Msg #301
30-10-2013 04:34 pm

gakuryo, good day to you. Best4 master sifu and others have posted their predictions, understand you have heavy work schedule but I still hope to see your prediction. Hope you win big money today, & hope I pick the right numbers today. Most time I take master sifu and yours, just to access numbers' chance and bet a dollar or 2 more. Arigato gakuryo san. If I win big (dreaming??) after a while, will personally thank you and master sifu.
Msg #302
30-10-2013 05:19 pm


Good luck to all members...
Msg #303
30-10-2013 05:27 pm

hi all , specially to lucky93

these are for you 30/10 , as I perm u perm

3019(I put heany on Damacai) 2038
9757(S heavy too for me)
6938 6918 (T)
2467 0816 (M)

good luck to you n me , thanks all
Msg #304
30-10-2013 05:37 pm

hope these also can help you ...

Sandakan = 2647 Sabah = 0863 0892 Sarawak = 2053 0829

small small perm perm

thank you
Msg #305
30-10-2013 06:51 pm

Hello master mylucky period starts how about 9924 on magunam counter kindly guide me
Msg #306
30-10-2013 10:21 pm

wow! gakuryo, I like 9757 very much & buy 3 counters, came up in toto first price 9758!!!! if only the last digit 8 is 7, I can bag a top prize! top prize used to RM2500 but too long didn't strike, no need to know until I win, haha. But never mind, I hit 2467 in magnum perm RM3, not feeling as exciting as the near win top prize, but really, its the actual winning that counts. Thank you very much.
Msg #307
30-10-2013 10:41 pm

Best4(master sifu), congratulation on your 2958, hope you win big. I always buy your numbers, at least mbox, but today missed the number, don't know why. Malaysia no winning yet. Many winners in Singapore today huh!
(Master Sifu)
Msg #308
30-10-2013 11:00 pm

Hello lucky93,
I am a small punter, just bought $10 Big IBet and was rewarded $200....am contented.
November should be a good month...I can sense it....so hopefully can give members some winners.
Msg #309
31-10-2013 12:59 am

Hopefully 7955 n 0338 will come out on next draw..
Huat ahhhhh..
Msg #310
31-10-2013 08:38 am

hi good morning luvky93 !!

did you strike 0863 ???

I did pull to MKT ,, Damacai & Toto both 3rd prize hope you win money ,,
good luck
Msg #311
31-10-2013 03:24 pm

hiiiii there........pleaseeeee update for november 4D prediction
Msg #312
31-10-2013 04:15 pm

gakuryo, when I didn't see your prediction, I posted msg saying I was wating! then it came & I took it & bet, did see your second posting! what a waste, my mom died 2009 she came to our dream with 3680, it came up in Toto straight 2nd prize. If I see this number & remember I will buy, but I missed your posting, I saw you put you put it for Sabah/Sarawak , but will buy if I see it Never mind it will come up again. Good day gakuryo san. Ijust came home from a part time work, the 8 hour job standing is too much so I work half day.
Msg #313
31-10-2013 04:37 pm

gakuryo, sorry I typed a terrible msg, simply put I saw your 2nd posting only after 7pm, I will definitely buy the number esp. when the 'Big Shot' post. Your numbers carry rather heavy weight, can not miss out. Thank you all the same, win big is better, but win small always better than no win, so must appreciated the given token. Arigato, gakuryo san and sayonara for now.
Msg #314
31-10-2013 04:52 pm

Best4(master sifu) , thank you very much for sensing the good coming November. Still congratulation to your winning especially winning 200 is contented. I became greedy after my husband left with all the money, day dreaming to be a 'millionaire' only have not learn how. Good day to you & many winnings to come, & I too get shine on by master sifu's light & win some, ha!
Msg #315
31-10-2013 05:09 pm

hi all

I am here to help you all members as master sifu too , I am a Japanese educated since 1973 I further my study in japan , if I put my predicts here will it be heavy to comes out as what you said 'heavy' .... I can give you all my predict thru email !! can I do that in this forum ??? if can't so just open shares but no counter name ,,, just buy at what counter with your lucks ,, sometimes just change 1 digit to your lucky number will do strike top 3 ,, hope so ok ...early bird 5836 will fly out in this Saturday at counter ????

good luck to all ,,, thanks you
Msg #316
31-10-2013 08:43 pm

gakuryo, nihonjin ok, malaysian ok, Singaporean ok, many mix races in Malaysian & Singapore also ok, sorry to upset you with heavy. Actually when someone's words carry weight, may be he is a powerful man, then what he said will be done or happen. I took a step further by saying heavy words because the words carry weight must be heavy. Sorry & thank you, because I normally bet on best4 (master sifu) & your prediction.
Ha! I worked in a Japanese company before & sent for 3 months or so Japanese class, but have forgotten all after a while. Good day gakuryo, & thank you for your predictions, I hope this time you predict a straight win ! what is Ohaiyo Gozaimaze, konbanwa? good night
Msg #317
31-10-2013 09:17 pm

Hi lucky93

Yesterday I did strike straight on Toto 8063 and iperm on Damacai
total wining Rm 22K -3K(invest,tikam) 19K profit, this coming Saturday
I will try to provide for all members here few good numbers which I had already study and pick up ,, highly percentage to strike top 3
,, may be tomorrow morning will stick to November 4D prediction forum ... See you all .. Thanks you
Msg #318
31-10-2013 10:27 pm

Hope Sifu and Gakuryo will post Saturday predictions by tomorrow..
I have a good feeling too.
But have to buy whatever numbers I want tomorrow as I will balik kampung and its far from 4d shops. Huhu.
Anyone started November forum?
Msg #319
01-11-2013 04:14 am

Hello all...just wanna invite u all move to NOVEMBER 4D PREDICTION that i have created.
See u all there!!!!
Msg #320
09-11-2013 11:45 am

Today my luck pick will be 1128 ...
Good luck guys..
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