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(Future millionaire)
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15-01-2011 10:25 am

just want to say thank you for a very interesting site. you sure put in a lot of effort into it. i enjoyed going thru the pages.
keep it up.
am also trying out a few numbers here..will let you know once i'm a millionaire! hahahaha..
and good luck to all.
(a geek)
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15-01-2011 10:33 am

Hi coles,

Welcome to Cupin.Net. Glad to hear you like and enjoyed this website. This is my true story as a player. Yeah, it's not easy to maintain and entertain user of a website.

I wish you a good luck!
(top contributor)
Msg #3
15-01-2011 12:37 pm

Welcome Coles.

This is a great place to share info and experience.

Try out the system. Who knows you might strike the big one soon :)

Stick around for more exciting things to come. Best of luck!
(Future millionaire)
Msg #4
15-01-2011 11:31 pm

tks guys...for such a warm welcome.
i'll be checking in here more often.
i'm still trying to understand a bit more on how to go about betting.

may the good 'choy san' visit us all soon...TONIGHT would be a good start!!!
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