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29-08-2013 03:53 am

Grandmaster,,, I was one of them new people who play 4d lucky number, because I play more than 1 year more, but still not know how to make a plan of its own forecast, master can help me explain @ teach me how to make a forecast plan true, because I've only got to know way too much incorrect forecasts submitted plans so I do not know which is actually correct prediction plan ... help me master
(Master Sifu)
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29-08-2013 12:30 pm

Hello ijoy83,
First of all I want to thank you for upgrading my title to "Grandmaster"..I think this hat is too big for me...ng kam dong.
On a more serious note....you should consider yourself very lucky for not knowing how to predict..let me explain why?
If you know how to predict (a lot of people think they do) chances are you will get into financial problems faster...if you know how to predict, you tend to become greedy and punt bigger, and this is the downfall of a lot of punters.
On the other hand ,if you do not know much about 4D, you tend to be more careful and will punt much smaller.
Moreover, you should not take 4D so seriously...and never depend on it to make a living...it will only bring you misery to yourself and your family.
Be contented and concentrate on your job and just play 4D for fun(if you can afford it)
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31-08-2013 01:42 pm

dear master,plese give me a 1st prize today..plese..plese..
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