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22-03-2013 09:37 am

Hello everyone :)

Anyone here playing lotto games as well ?
I am interested to know any filtering method that helps reduce the number.
So far I notice we can reduce numbers from 4 previous draws, but still there are average repeats of 2~3 numbers from this previous 4.
And usually from the rest of numbers, we can get about 4 potential.
I thought about filtering systems that can get up to 4 numbers win.
So that even play 10~20 tickets at one time, the soon-to-be 4 numbers hit filter system/method still give nice return.
At least at the moment we aiming ROI 150% and above.
And perhaps by time, the filter/method can be improve to reduce tickets per draw and the hit rate.
Reducing numbers maybe the good way to play, because we can find wheelers that help to organize the filtered numbers around 10~15 potential to be a list of numbers that have multiple winnings starting from 3/6, although 4/6 is preferable minimum due to the cost.
And of course, the faster we can find how to filter 'unwanted' numbers for coming draws, and the smaller our potential numbers are, that will be much better.
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23-03-2013 06:47 pm

My 16 number pool for today Sabah 88
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23-03-2013 07:47 pm

Result is 12-17-30-35-37-39+32, which only number 30 hit. Man, if we could filter this good (assuming the pool as unwanted).. Life would be easy.. XD
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24-03-2013 06:50 pm

today my number pool is
Good Luck ;)
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24-03-2013 07:48 pm

Result is 10-11-34-35-44-45+27
4 winners are from the pool. (45-34-44-10)
1 is a repeater. (35)
1 is a jumper (repeater within 2-4 previous draws). (11)
1 is reappearance of super cold. (27) (my fav num too, sad I didn't put in pool)
and today is double consecutive, 10-11, 34-35
I used abbreviated wheel of 16 numbers, only play 10 tickets (for personal testing purpose), only hit 1 with 3/6 lol.
Hope better filters next time ;)
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26-03-2013 06:46 pm

hi all,
today Pool A = 34-44-38-28-24-16-9-19-31-41
and Pool B = 10-45-30-26-43-31-20-12-9-5

hopefully can trap all 6 in one of the pool.. ;D
Good Luck!
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