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18-03-2013 11:41 am

Hello Members,
Human by nature are "greedy"....
Take for example the game of 4D....I think 90% of punters will play only direct numbers and never attempt to "box"..Playing direct is like asking you to "hole" a golf ball from 100yards.Almost impossible for amatuers like us.
Assuming you bet RM$15 Big direct on "1234" and the 1st prize drawn was "3214"...yes you got all the numbers correct, but not in the correct order...wasted chance. However if you would have split your bet and played RM$10 Big direct and RM$5 Big IPerm,you would have been rewarded RM$525....See the difference,instead of losing RM$15...now you have won RM$510..
For "serious" punters (those who punt every draw) my advice to you is to split your bet to increase your chance of winning...
Everytime you strike,your luck improves (confidence level increase) When you are confident,you think more rationally and this will help you pick the right numbers...I am speaking through personal experience.
But sadly, people never learn from mistakes because "greed" controls their minds....
Goodluck :O)

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