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11-12-2012 06:53 pm

Hi BEST4 sifu Don't understand why my earlier message didn't go through and also " Hello pom Not you " Do please enlighten me.DOB 29/1/46 time 2.00pm.
(Master Sifu)
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11-12-2012 07:49 pm

Hello pom,
Please proceed to topic "It helps tp know your lucky days and lucky periods" look for message #1046...your reading is there.
Thanks and goodluck
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11-12-2012 09:52 pm

Hello again,Mr.Best4 Master Sifu. Due to my lucky reading under msg #1041 can you tell me which 4D counter is suit me .Tq.
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12-12-2012 04:20 am

HI sifu, please help me to check on my lucky days, 25 sept 1982, 2 strikes entire my life.thanks and really appreciate that :)
(Master Sifu)
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12-12-2012 08:44 am

Hello BigWin,
Please proceed to topic "It helps to know your lucky days and lucky periods" look for message #1049, your lucky reading is there
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12-12-2012 11:12 pm

Hi MASTER SIFU,I'm new here,I would like to put into record here that I have great pleasure reading all your posting.Tips on making money and your gifted ability to predict the numbers are one thing,but what I personally like are your positive attitude and encouraging words are really soothing.as we know not all that playing lotteries are for hobby,some use this as last alternative to gettheir daily meal.
Hope that all of us will continue to get the benefit and blessed by your kindness.I am taking your advise now to fisrt and foremost knowing my lucky path,so that I know what days are good.would appreciate your reading,17/7/74.
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12-12-2012 11:28 pm

Hello..Mr.Best4 Master Sifu.I want to share this and really need your comment. The lucky numbers that you give to me are out 3805 (8530) con.prize at Toto and 3823 2nd at DaMaCai. Honestly today i didnt bet at all cause due my my lucky periods is nextweek 21st to 31st.Said to myself to wait until nextweek .But .As you said ..GOD decision finally still dont want me to win.or Im wrong step..which counters is suits for me ?
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13-12-2012 02:55 am

Hi.Best4 Master Sifu. Please enlighten for my wife DOB is 22/2/1982 and which operator is suits to bet?
Thank you a lot for your time and effort
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13-12-2012 10:08 am

Hi, Best4 Master Sifu, Please help to check my lucky days and lucky period. My lucky number for SG Pools. DOB:27/6/1967. Thanks a lot.
(Master Sifu)
Msg #10
13-12-2012 05:24 pm

Hello Gambate,
Please proceed to topic "It helps to know your lucky days and lucky periods" and look for message#1072, your lucky reading is there...
Sorry for the delay in reply, as I did not browse through this topic.
(Master Sifu)
Msg #11
13-12-2012 05:36 pm

Hello Jovo316,
I had this "funny" feeling that you did not play the lucky numbers which I calculated for you...:-( Nevermind, there is always the next time...
Any of the 3 counters will be fine for you and your wife....but since your number 3823 came out direct at Damacai,try this counter for awhile....then switch to Toto
Please proceed to topic "It helps to know your lucky days and lucky periods" locate message #1073...your wife's lucky reading is there.
Your coming lucky period (Dec 21st to 31st) try this lucky number
4438...remember to cover "Box"
Goodluck :-D
Msg #12
13-12-2012 06:19 pm

Dear friend..Best4 Master Sifu. Definately your right and I was wrong to understand what you told me. I will noted this seriously..read more and learn more. I thank you a lot for your kindness and wish you..well and wealth.
Msg #13
21-12-2012 01:16 pm

sifu please help me... i always miss one number...

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