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25-08-2012 02:52 am

Hi guys,

I just reading about pareto principles aka 80-20 rules and how it take effect on our life. Based on this rules, I just tested translate them into 4D game. My test is like this:
1) generate 100 random set 4D number
2) select 20 number from the previous step
3) play the 20 number

Let me know if you are success!
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25-08-2012 08:29 am

Playing this way must got huge capital. For easy calculation let's take it 10 draws. 10 x 20 numbers = RM$200 lost if never win.

Directs hit rate tend to be very very poor. Some even never hit after 5 years. mBox,iBet,iPerm is a better bet faster hit rate and yield faster results.
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25-08-2012 11:13 pm

Hi Player (sifu),
Pareto maybe applicable in many places. In this games of chance i look at it from the point of view that out of 9999 nos, only 23 is going to come out ie only abt 0.2% chance and not 20%. As such as per my discussion with many nos scholars, it is easier to spot the patterns appeared either historical or present than to invest in 100 tickets.
(Master Sifu)
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04-09-2012 09:51 pm

Hi All,
From a more positive point of view, I feel that playing 4D is 50/50 chance....
You know why?
When you buy any number the outcome is "either you strike or do not strike" so the chances are 50/50 ...from a die hard 4D player point of view..hehehehehe
Goodluck and continue to enjoy this game of chance..however,one strong word of caution, play within your budget and dont go overboard....
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06-09-2012 10:53 pm

Ai ya Master Sifu,
sure lah 50/50. tapi we wil get our backside burn if dont follow budget. Sometime i'd say if only i could buy a few more tickets to see the code. However, the research must go on. Ya Master Sifu.

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