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4D Prediction for June 2012

Reminder: Please settle and pay your debt first before playing lottery. Pay early to prevent loan interest. Save as much money into your private retirement scheme, because 75% people is not ready for their retirement nowdays and the kwsp, epf and cpf money will finish in just 5 years. Credit cards like visa and mastercard are easy to get, think carefully before you spend money and buy something with it. Do not play any online gambling or going to casino, because it is very addictive and hard to manage budget. Clairvoyant and tarot psychic reading can help to increase chances of winning the lottery sometimes, but please be careful.


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10-06-2012 01:28 pm

Hi guys,

This is my 4d prediction for sportstoto

836x 846x 843x 643x

Good luck!


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11-06-2012 04:45 pm

Dear jazzman n friends,
Sorry for the late reply,hope u are well,buddy i'm sorry to tell u that i wish to remain "unsung members" in this forum,i do hope u understand..but u can post yur e-mail n i will return to u buddy.As required n a bonus to u :-4 your thought (Wed)
Fresh from overheating mind:2736/2843/9213/1132/1323/2762/2886/2816/2281.
Best Wishes to Sifus n friends...


Msg #23

14-06-2012 07:43 pm

haii ozza. yesterday miss 1st prize toto and missed several spots in magnum n toto.. all by 1 number... how are you man..
looks like no one is posting..... i will post tomorrow..


Msg #24

14-06-2012 09:51 pm

master sifu, ozza....for your viewing n study.. m4d 16/6 7969, 2990, 9190.
by the way, members are not posting and more on observing..where are all the guys..


Msg #25

15-06-2012 11:15 am

Hi. jazzman, master sifu, sifu,

Is it possible to reveal your secret on how to get the 4D no.??? Other than which our kind Moderator cupin have done.



Msg #26

15-06-2012 02:43 pm

Any good numbers for this Saturday draw 16 June 2012?


Msg #27

15-06-2012 06:39 pm

hi jazz n guys,
low confidence after "disaster" wed,but glad to know that u are getting near yur goal.I'm ok jazz n i hope u 2.I do share yur opinions regarding members here,i wish more will come out to comments esp.senior members and i do very jealous of Master Best4 "entertain" more on s'pore pools...ha,,ha..hik ..im not a serious punters but,i honestly join coz i find his "effort n notable principles"wonder what he look like,anyway i find these:385/785 + 3 or 7 or 5..its good also to wait until cupin pred come out to match as stated.To all sorry if any my pred a loss n, its a grivience to me n for those who has ladyluck by their side,Damm u are lucky!!. Take care all n be safe jazz n friends..cheers...gulp..gulp

(Master Sifu)

Msg #28

15-06-2012 08:28 pm

Hello ozza,
You should thank me for refraining to predict otherwise you would have burnt a big hole in your pocket...hahahaha.To be honest I feel more confident predicting numbers for the Singapore Pools.. maybe it's home ground advantage.
Anyway, I have been monitoring the podium numbers of the 3 Malaysian counters and Singapore Pools from April onwards, and noticed that podium numbers have a tendency to "migrate" from one counter to another, and quite frequently....
In otherwords, the numbers I predict for Singapore Pools are also applicable for the Malaysian counters.
By the way,using your suggested numbers of 385/785,3,5 and 7, I fancy the combination of "3837". Also jazzman's prediction of "9920"
Goodluck my friend and stay happy and lucky


Msg #29

16-06-2012 11:06 am

Hi Guys,
Thanks Master Best4.for predicting not refraining..dont worry,master as my pocket are covered with your advise and outstanding principles..furthermore i hv my liang po po to wack me if i go overboard...ha,,ha (hey jazz,now u know what happen to me on sunday)Just a quick note..i do believe we hv our way to predict (keep records n so on) and i agree that results are "strange" or as u mention "migrate" about 3-4 weeks or so...at least that's i feel abt my predictions with targeted podium nos at the bottom with 1 miss no.normally at the end of my prediction i will have 10 single nos to play which consist of a few single and also double..but out of this 10 nos there are 3-5 nos (ghost no) which will influence number drawn @the numbers are for sat are: 5 / 6 / 8..so watch out for these..or combine with your own predictions..wish all the best n good luck,,oh yes jazz,,esp to u buddy...cheers


Msg #30

16-06-2012 01:26 pm

hi jazz.
fancy yur: 7969 / 7869 (mine) let see who's hv the right chords,ha ha
just for fun ..awaiting your good news..STRIKE..


Msg #31

16-06-2012 03:22 pm

hii guys. ozza. master sifu.... the time is near....
try 9735/9738 toto..


Msg #32

16-06-2012 03:24 pm

3738 is a permutation of my present car which i missed the other day.. damm.. 3783.. and 3738 has always been appearing thruout this few weeks!! play safe rm1 direct n box n 9220 box too (magnum)


Msg #33

16-06-2012 05:55 pm

8083 n 3191 mbox.. magnum last minute ..... huat huat huat all today ya!!!!


Msg #34

17-06-2012 11:02 am

Hi guys,

This is my 4d prediction for sportstoto 17/6/2012

380x 280x 230x 238x. Replace 'x' with 4 or 6

Good luck!


Msg #35

19-06-2012 05:01 pm

hi jazz,sifus n friends,
for your study comments:855x/596x/166x/103x/793x/122x/166x/005X
(t) jazz,take note on the no advise by Hantu4D,since u hunts more at magnum.if wed results are at same pattern as last sun n sat.the chances are high..then its wed..I'm used to shooting blanks.aims small,miss small,well i see it this way..if the no hits bigpot then we will rely on hantu4D on next predictions,,no need to see bomoh or shaman already..we ask from the hantu itself...ha.ha what do u think Master Best4 ..just joking guys n sorry if i offended hantu4D (im the naughty one)..really thanks for the no given n welcome to the Lucky Club..ha ha ..at last i can say it like Master Best4..do take care guys n be safe...cheers gupl


Msg #36

19-06-2012 05:10 pm

wa..la.. wei..upps sorry..
these are the hantu nos for wed: 5/6/8 (not related to hantu4D ok @from my previous post) jazz where are u buddy, hope u are well..!!


Msg #37

19-06-2012 07:43 pm

hi ozza.. btw who is or what is hantu4d? another member? or? im ok buddy.. just not feleing to good!! how r u ?


Msg #38

19-06-2012 07:51 pm

8850...5880...6805 toto iperm. see the numbers almost similar to the hantu predictions for mgnum...


Msg #39

19-06-2012 10:43 pm

hi guys,

My 4d prediction for sportstoto 20/6/2012

924x 624x 496x 296x
x = 4,9

Good luck!


Msg #40

20-06-2012 12:58 pm

toto and damacai only (please box)

PODIUM 943X 9X42 XX32 5% AB=CD
SPECIAL 2X35 1X35 2360 2450 1532 30%
CONS 2442 2324 2414 50%
(dont over bet, only for references)

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