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(Master Sifu)
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02-04-2012 01:57 am

Hi Everybody,
Now that you know your own 2 lucky numbers,you can combine them with 2 very powerful numbers which all of us possess.
1.....Combine your 2 lucky numbers with your birth year
2.....Combine your 2 lucky numbers with your present age.
I have asked a lot of my buddies to try and they were surprised by the outcome,most of them won some money.
For example you were born in 1980,your age this year should be either 31 or 32 (depending on the month you were born)
Assuming your lucky numbers are 5 and 3.
You will have a new combination of 5380,5331 or 5332
Try it,maybe ladyluck will smile upon you :-)))
Goodluck and have a wonderful week.
(Master Sifu)
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02-04-2012 09:57 am

Hello to all members,
Should anyone of you had a windfall (strike 4D). Please announce your "good news" here,so that all of us can celebrate your success which will further generate more luck for yourself and other members...
Even if it is a "consolation prize" announce it.This is something like a "good luck" corner where we can celebrate our winnings.
Let's join hands and keep this thread going.........
Thanks and goodluck to one and all :-))))
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02-04-2012 11:19 am

one.four.eight.eight......TOTO special race :) gud luck
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02-04-2012 11:51 am

Kena 4117 kuda beli ibox rm5 . beli ktm 1715 dan 1714. Tapi selaLU ADA ONG KAT BLACK MARKET.
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02-04-2012 02:21 pm


today ada special race ka ?
(Master Sifu)
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02-04-2012 02:39 pm

Hello Members,
I have said it very clearly,this thread is for members to announce if they strike 4D. This is our Lucky Corner.
If you want to give or ask for tips, please go to topic 4DPrediction for April!!!!!!
Please dont make this into a "rojak" corner, THIS IS OUR LUCKY CORNER!!!!!!!
Thank You
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02-04-2012 02:48 pm

Master Sifu,
I agree with what you say.
But it does work everytime or every year.
It worked for some of my friends & me.
For example > 5395 First 1785/01 #1749 13/05/2001 Sun < .
In 2001, after a certain number linking my friend's D.O.B & his age struck the top prize, I played around my age ( 48 / 49) and my YEAR of Birth (53). I end up with 4953, then 4395. But I dont like the number 4. Following the cue from my friend's strike, I add one to 4. I end up with 5395 which I struck 1st prize at Kuda 13 May 2001. It may sound mysterious & 'dumbfounded' certain people but its true - "believe it or nor !"

... & 5395 has been a good bet for me all these years until now ...
20 5395 First 1785/01 #1749 13/05/2001 Sun 312
21 5395 Special 1954/02 #1548 30/01/2002 Wed 1309
22 5395 Consolation 2041/02 #1635 11/08/2002 Sun 87
23 5395 Consolation 118/05 #3265 01/10/2005 Sat 837
24 5395 Third 067/06 #3382 04/06/2006 Sun 117
25 5395 Consolation 2745/07 #2709 11/02/2007 Sun 960
26 5395 Consolation 2776/07 #2740 21/04/2007 Sat 31
27 5395 Consolation 2831/07 #2425 22/04/2007 Sun 790
28 5395 Second 286/08 #3763 28/09/2008 Sun 381
29 5395 Consolation 3312/10 #3276 19/06/2010 Sat 536
30 5395 Consolation 3407/10 #3001 15/09/2010 Wed 576
31 5395 Special 3457/10 #3051 28/12/2010 Tue 50
32 5395 Consolation 3452/11 #3419 03/04/2011 Sun 143
33 5395 Consolation 3672/12 #3270 14/03/2012 Wed 219
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02-04-2012 03:46 pm

Dear Sir,

Does the 4d Number Predictor on this website works for the Singapore 4d as well ???

Thank you and regards

Fuzzy Cat
(Master Sifu)
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02-04-2012 04:35 pm

Hello owen,
Thanks for sharing with us your detailed "strikes" Gee you are like a "walking human PC".....
Birth year and age can be a decisive factor linking to one's luck for the year.
Playing 4D is like marketing a product.. one has to be innovative to capture the market (creating more chances to strike)....
Ordinary folks will just take their birthdate+birthmonth+birthyear to form 4D combinations to try their luck..
I always like to try something different, that's the reason I suggested using your 2 lucky numbers to combine with your birthyear and age.
Another way is to take your age and combine with the year number. My grand niece turned 4 in early January this year (2012)
I predicted 0412 in mid January and Bingo!!!!,it came out 1st prize direct in Singapore Pools... of course you must have the luck too..
So put on your thinking cap and goodluck :-))))
(Master Sifu)
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02-04-2012 04:43 pm

Hello Fuzzy Cat,
You have to direct this question to the website creator "Mr.Cupin"
But I think you can use it for Singapore Pools....again you must have the luck to pick the right number....
Goodluck :-)))
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02-04-2012 05:12 pm

Master Sifu,
You have to "strike" it to believe. I was going thru the doldrums in 2000. I was caught in a job that pays about RM2k per month, got a lousy boss who only knows how to reward himself with the profits from our efforts. Imagine the co bought 2 Camry at one go. One of the car got this number 2911. I struck Magnum 1st prize 2B 2S (got 10K). Resigned from my job & "invested" in 4D "fulltime". This went on until 2004. I won about 400K but I re-invested about 160K. (Lose , lah !) But I stopped my "crazy" 4D betting in 2006.
Believe me, betting in 4D is like investing in your own biz. You need capital !
(Master Sifu)
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02-04-2012 07:04 pm

Hello owen,
Did not know that you were once a "big timer" Cantonese saying "yau an bak sek Tai San"......
Yes I fully agree with you, 4D is like running a business,and like any other business you need capital to start up.The good thing is you need not have a lot of capital to start.
Like any business,you have to start small (punt small).When business prosper (you strike a "direct hit" )then you have to manage your winnings wisely.
The downfall of any business (punters) is that they do not have a proper business plan (punters need a game plan) and before you realized, the business went bust (punters went bankrupt)
Owen, eight years ago if you had a game plan,and with your luck you could have inflated your winnings from 400k to 4 million.
That is the reason why I always remind punters to stick to their lucky days and lucky periods.I assure you in the long run,you will come out victorious.
Even in business you also have ups and downs,so is 4D.Your luck cannot remain good forever.Lie low when luck is down and strike hard when the iron is hot (lucky spell)
The problem with punters are,most of them are not disciplined.When they lose they want to hit harder(just like banging your head against concrete) and when they win,they go wild spraying their bullets aimlessly until they run out of bullets.
Well I guess everyone has their own punting style but one thing for certain,dont punt until you run into debt....
Goodluck :-))
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03-04-2012 12:48 am

Hi best4.. On 31st march my lucky no 2338 that u gave me before have won special prize at damacai counter like what u told me but unfortunately i didnt buy because it is not my lucky period! My lucky period end on 27th march and start again on 2nd may. Any comment on this? Shud i stop buying nos until the next lucky date?
(Master Sifu)
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03-04-2012 09:46 am

Hello Sigma121,
I am so glad that you observe your lucky periods so strictly.Definitely lucky periods are generated from your date of birth and therefore should be extra lucky for the individual.
Apart from your lucky periods,you still can put a little wager based on your lucky days and lucky numbers.
Let me teach you.One of your lucky days is Saturday (31st March was a Saturday) and your lucky numbers are 2 and 3.
Like for April, you can punt on Saturdays. Also on these dates 11th,21st and 29th. (Total of 6 days)
11th = 1+1 = 2 (your lucky number) 21st = 2+1 =3 (your lucky number) 29th = 2 + 9 = 11 = 1+1 = 2 (your lucky number)
You can apply this for every month. Try it out and see whether it works.
Goodluck :-))
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03-04-2012 10:02 am

It's Teusday and my Lucky period now.

Gonna try this today.

Thanks ^^
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03-04-2012 12:08 pm

Tq best4 for d info..today is 3rd of april n got special draw..since 3 is my lucky no.shud i put some money on it today? But today definetly not my lucky day becoz it is tuesday..what is ur advise regarding these matter? Can i buy d same nos that u gave me eventho its already came out recently?..
(Master Sifu)
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03-04-2012 02:05 pm

Hello Sigma121,
Waa! you are learning very fast.Forgot today is the 3rd and there is a draw...sure you can put a little wager.In fact I like to play numbers that have been drawn before, they always come out again :-D
Goodluck, hope you strike and announce it at the "Lucky Winning" thread....
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03-04-2012 11:51 pm

Dear Best 4 (Master Sifu) please will you tellme my son licky number because he alway has a good luck. His birthday is 26.2.1992 . Hope to hear your advise. Thank You.
(Master Sifu)
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04-04-2012 01:33 am

Hello Sembang,
I have said before,that I cannot do reading for those under 21years old. But looking at his birthdate 26 = 2+6= "8",I can foresee that he is a lucky person. In numerology an "8" person is like a money magnet. However, "8" people are Children of Fate and can be either people of great successes or failures.
He must avoid number "4" and its series like 13,22,31. If he buys a car or a house in future, make sure he avoids number "4"
Goodluck :-)
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04-04-2012 09:52 am

hello master sifu,
just want to know, people under numerology "1","2","3","4","5","6","7"and "9",what person he/she is? and what number to avoid?
thank you
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