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31-03-2012 04:03 pm

Hey guys,try playing 5877 5778 7578 7875 and 7857 for the next 4 draws..possibility to hit is high on top 3 prizes. Jokes Aside.If it strikes i will reveal to you all the method i got to know how to predict numbers for free in this forum :))))
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31-03-2012 04:04 pm

sorry i forgot to tell specifically play it in MAGNUM not others.
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31-03-2012 04:14 pm

and yes take less big and take more small and i think it will come out in top 3 for magnum including today (sat) 31st march 1april 2april and 3rd april :))) i forecasted this based on a simple prediction of frequency.Last february 1st i striked 7542 third prize.the method is simple...i randomly choosed a number and went to 4d2u com than u go thereand type the number to look up the history of the number ONLY IN MAGNUM.than i saw the last it was drawn of any of its permutation was last year which means in this number 7542 of any its permutationnever came up for the past 8-9 months,im not telling specifically 7542 what i meant is 7425 7542 7245 5427 and bla bla bla. there is 24 permutation, one number it can come out as many times as they wish in consolation and special but all numbers can only be a 1/2/3 prize for once or twice.buy the number of permutation which never came out as 1st 2nd third.this can be checked in the same website by unclicking consolation and special.so u get the view of which number never got the top 3 b4.and yea guys..basically numbers are based on histories...NOTHING ELSE.i nearly strike 9764 (i took 6749) and 3767 ( i took 7376) because the last it was drawn of any permutation of its number was very long ago :))) play smart guys.
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31-03-2012 10:39 pm


Num was very close...7782 (3rd prize) 0758, 7078 haiz.....
Lets pray for this tomorrow
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31-03-2012 11:32 pm

yea brother...lets hope and pray
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01-04-2012 01:06 am

Hi Sifu, how are you today. Wish you well. Could you advise me what is the good number to bet on Magnum tomorrow.
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01-04-2012 03:59 am

hi andikaputera,
just try the numbers la 5877 5778 7578 7875 7857 untill next sunday.Remember dunt spend / waste ur money too much until u dunt have money forurself this is just a prediction thats all and it is not 100% just spend rm1 small for each numb will do good :))) play save and wise :)))
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01-04-2012 01:20 pm

anyways andikaputera im not a sifu la bro im just a friend heheh :)))
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