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28-03-2012 01:57 am

can someone teach me how to predict singapore 4D
(Master Sifu)
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28-03-2012 11:11 am

Hello Lynnda0430,
How long have you been playing 4D? If you are new to the game,just play small for leisure (provided you have the spare cash to throw)
The more you know about 4D, the more you are going to lose....Just play a maximum of 2 of your lucky numbers for every draw.Assuming your budget is $10 for every draw,for each number you bet Direct: $1 Big/$1 Small and $3 IBet Big.On an average, we have 13 draws a month. So your capital outlay will be $130 a month.There is no guarantee that you will strike,but at least you have a game plan and you are limiting your loss.
I can safely say that out of 10 punters,9 will end up as losers.Die hard 4D players will never admit that they lose,they will only share with you "good news". Just like hardcore drinkers,they will never admit that they are drunk,but in reality they are drunk most of the time.
4D is a game of chance,how can you predict the winning number...
especially a direct hit!!!
Take my advice,and play like a recreational player and set yourself a limit before you get yourself into debt. Forget about craving how to predict and be thankful that you did not have the opportunity to learn.
If you can give up 4D, better still.
Goodluck :-)
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