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(Master Sifu)
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12-03-2012 10:49 am

Why are some people so successful and lucky?
Simple, because they all possess "very positive attitude." Like everything else in life,you need a "positive attitude" in gambling as well.
You must believe you are going to win! The more you believe it,the more often it will happen.
It is easier to have a winning attitude when you are following your lucky days and lucky periods,because you know your odds of winning are greater when you are in a lucky time frame. This does not mean you will win every time you gamble,but you will win more frequently.
More importantly,you will also save a lot of money,by AVOIDING GAMBLING during time periods LESS FORTUNATE for you.
Do not get discouraged if you dont happen to win right away.It takes a little while to get used to the idea of using your lucky days and lucky periods to your advantage.
I always remind myself,on these two wise sayings:
Bad things will not last forever and so does good things.
You can win sometimes,most of the time,BUT NOT ALL THE TIME.
Before you know it,you'll be saying, "HEY! I AM LUCKY!"
Goodluck and have a lucky week!!!!
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12-03-2012 12:15 pm

i agreed with you and thank you so much for your good info.
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12-03-2012 01:23 pm

for a moment i thought you were looking for me!!! hahaha...

have to agree with you..i think i better take a step back too when it comes to betting and wait till May...

some how i feel things are just not falling in place where numbers are concerned. not sure how to describe it but,i feel like something is blocking me or preventing me from striking. i know it's a strange way of describing it!!

must go mandi bunga i think..hahahaha

and how have yr luck been Best4?
(Master Sifu)
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12-03-2012 05:12 pm

Hello Lucky,
The last time I strike 1st prize was on Feb1st,then it eluded me for the next 8 draws before I strike 2nd prize.This time around the same thing,I have drew a blank for 8 draws.This coming Wednesday, I am very positive I will strike again.The pattern is similar.
Normally, I will scale down my betting drastically once I draw a blank for 3 consecutive draws,sometimes I may even give it a pass for a couple of draws.
Punters should learn to take this cue,in this way you can save a lot of "bullets" Save the bullets for your lucky period and spray them with a vengeance.
But,again it is easier said than done.But to survive this game,you have no choice but to play this way.
Just like your lucky number "9763". It was drawn 1st prize on Magnum on 22nd February, then it went for a short break and popped up again 1st prize last Saturday (10/3) also on Magnum.
Now,if this is the pattern lookout for this number on 25thMarch.
First time was on a Wednesday,last week was on Saturday the coming one (25/3) happens to be on Sunday.
Save your bullets for the next 5 draws and keep it for the 25/3,then take your AK47 and spray the 3 counters.
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13-03-2012 01:44 pm

Hi Best4,

There is a question i would like to ask for your opinion.I always see the number 821,sometimes car plate 0821(24 permutations) but most of the time when i randomly look at the clock ill see the time 8:21 am/pm.What does this means?i don't think is my lucky numbers cause buy few times but nvr open.Haha.
(Master Sifu)
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13-03-2012 05:30 pm

Hello 1Million,
I believe your lucky angel is trying to communicate with you.Angels primary tools for communication is through numbers.
Number 821 carries this message:
8 signifies abundance and prosperity.
2 signifies that everything is fine and will continue to be.
1 is asking you to stay positive.
821 combined message is asking you to stay positive,have faith and your financial situation will improve rapidly.
Try these few numbers tomorrow: 2081,8821,8221 and 8211.Direct and IBet.
Goodluck :-)
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13-03-2012 06:03 pm

Hello Best4. I need your opinion on this number; 3471(counter toto and sabah 4d). I've the feeling that this number is gonno go up to top prize. Last week this number hits 1st prize at toto but it was not direct--1743. Do you think this number got chances to go to top prize in this month(direct)?
(Master Sifu)
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13-03-2012 07:23 pm

Hello deniro888,
Got to look into my crystal ball first hehehehe!!
Cant see anything, but this number combination 3471 consists of your lucky numbers 3 and 4.
I noticed that certain number combinations are repeatedly drawn and they like to hop from one counter to the other.
If you are confident,give it a wild shot!!!
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14-03-2012 12:16 pm

ya what you say makes sense Best4..

another interesting article..
i have never given numerology in 4D much thought. i just buy whatever numbers i like and have strike on and off. now i have a clearer picture that it takes more than just buying a number. still a lot more to understand but a good start for me nonetheless.

just gotta incorporate what you have said and turn it into a habit so it's automatic whenever i do go and bet. as now i'm set in my ways, i don't ibet and till now keep forgetting out of habit despite you advising to do so. old foggy like that one la!!

am taking it easy on betting till May. good luck to you.
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14-03-2012 01:50 pm

Thanks Best4 (Master Sifu).
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15-03-2012 02:18 pm

Hi,Best4 (sifu) I'm new and played when extra syiling are availabe,hv been browsing the form for awhile and like the friendly "room" between members, and also yur kind tips and advice to all, hope u can predict my lucky no if any.(dob:17/12/68). Hope for your best health n success at all yur undertakings.Good luck for all the forum members too.
(Master Sifu)
Msg #12
15-03-2012 04:26 pm

Hello motogp,
Welcome to the Lucky Club!!!!! and thanks for your kind wishes.
It's good that you wrote in, cause this is your FORTUNATE CYCLE year.It will commence on August 17th 2012 and lasts till April 16th 2013 (Note the years) For more info on the FORTUNATE CYCLE year, please read topic on "It helps to know your lucky days and lucky periods" message #1.
Your lucky days are Thursday,Saturday and Tuesday
Lucky periods:
January 1st to February 26th
April 10th to 20th
August 13th to 23rd
October 12th to 23rd
December 21st to 31st
Your first lucky number is 8 and second lucky number is also 8
Lucky 4D numbers 8803,8821 and 8815
Any counter will be ok for you.
Goodluck :-)
Msg #13
16-03-2012 11:05 am

Hi Master Sifu,

I would like to know what is my lucky number. =) thanks a lot
Msg #14
16-03-2012 02:56 pm

Hi Sifu,

I think luck is on my way but still ne ur adv what my lucky nos4 tmrw ?

DOB 19/8/59.....charity begin at home.....and share for those unfortunate........ppl....
(Master Sifu)
Msg #15
16-03-2012 10:04 pm

Hello Ladyluck,
Sorry to have kept you waiting.
Your lucky days are Sunday and Monday
Lucky periods:
March21st to Apr 28th
June 12th to 21st
July 20th to August 28th
October 13th to 23rd
December 12th to Jan 2nd
Lucky numbers 5 and 1
Lucky 4D numbers 5114,5119 and 5128
Damacai favors you
Goodluck :-D
Msg #16
16-03-2012 11:54 pm

Hi Master Sifu,

I would like to know what is my lucky number.DOB 7/2/1968 =) thanks a lot
Msg #17
17-03-2012 07:03 am

Hello sifu
Please tell me my lucky number (DOB:12/09/1960) and also the meaning of this number - 945....always on and off in my mind. TQ
(Master Sifu)
Msg #18
17-03-2012 08:19 am

Hello Perewang,
It's good that you wrote in,cause you are in your FORTUNATE CYCLE which has already started on October 6th 2011 and will last till June 6th 2012 (note the years) So far any wonderful things happened to you,like job promotion,good business,windfall etc.
Your lucky days are Thursday,Saturday and Sunday
Lucky periods: April 1st to 12th
June 1st to 11th
June 21st to July 27th
October 3rd to 13th
December 3rd to 13th
Your luck numbers are 3 and 7
Lucky 4D numbers 3734,3713 and 3722
Toto is your counter of preference.
Goodluck :-)
(Master Sifu)
Msg #19
17-03-2012 08:29 am

Hello Limza60,
Your lucky days are Wednesday,Thursday and Tuesday
Lucky periods:
January 1st to 11th
February 19th to March 27th
May 2nd to 12th
July 3rd to 13th
November 2nd to 12th
November 21st to December 27th
Your first lucky number is 3 second lucky number is also 3
Lucky 4d numbers 3335,3314 and 3323
Any counter will favor you.
How is your health? The message for "945" is Your angels are helping you make positive and healthful life changes so that you're
fully on the path of you purpose.
You can try 9454 till end of March
Goodluck :-)
Msg #20
17-03-2012 09:03 pm

Hello master sifu,
I'm fine, tq.....
I hope u're fine too and have a nice day....
thanks for ur tips regarding myself..tq
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