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It helps to know your lucky days and lucky periods.

Reminder: Please settle and pay your debt first before playing lottery. Pay early to prevent loan interest. Save as much money into your private retirement scheme, because 75% people is not ready for their retirement nowdays and the kwsp, epf and cpf money will finish in just 5 years. Credit cards like visa and mastercard are easy to get, think carefully before you spend money and buy something with it. Do not play any online gambling or going to casino, because it is very addictive and hard to manage budget. Clairvoyant and tarot psychic reading can help to increase chances of winning the lottery sometimes, but please be careful.


Msg #101

25-02-2012 04:13 pm

Hhehehe!!!sorry player sifu,,,im rejected by school when i was in STd 5 ,,,,read very few books ,,,so ..dont know how to impress that in my deepest heart ....really best4 is a gooooood man ...or girl ??? maybe i had maked a big mistake ,best4 is she...hahahaha!!!!

(Master Sifu)

Msg #102

25-02-2012 04:49 pm

Hello alut,
Luckily I am not a woman otherwise I will feel offended.The last time I saw your post,you announced to the world that you are "on the run".What happened brother? Running away from women or what.
As long as you earn a decent living and do not committ bad things
Allah will have mercy on you.
Another thing, woman and 4D cannot mix.If you like woman,then dont touch 4D.Otherwise all your numbers will go "bengkok" hahaha. I should not have said this otherwise I will become womens' enemy number one.
On a more serious note, Brother anything I can do to help.
Anyway take care.


Msg #103

25-02-2012 07:38 pm

Hi , sifu best4 , i am hiding away from along ,,and debt ...recently i am jobless and the MKT does not help me ...i loss my saving ,,,now i am broke ,,,sorry for those joke i had just make ,,,i am try to forget my debt and along .......


Msg #104

26-02-2012 12:16 am

Dear Sifu Best4,
Thank you very much for your time spending! :)


Msg #105

26-02-2012 05:25 am

sifu best4,my birthday 28nov1988,thx lot

(Master Sifu)

Msg #106

26-02-2012 10:02 am

Hello Lennon,
Your lucky days are Saturday,Sunday and Monday
Lucky periods:
January 21st to 30th
March 21st to April 28th
July 23rd to August 3rd
September 23rd to October 4th
Your lucky numbers are 8 and 1
You may try your luck on 8130,8112 and 8133
Any of the 3 counters will favor you


Msg #107

26-02-2012 06:00 pm

Hi Best4MasterSifu, I am new here, I want to say helo to everyone, I feel lucky to stumble on this site. Peope are friendly to each other. And the most important thing is everyone help each other like brothers.

I need help Sifu, seems that luck elude me all the times. Can you plz check out my lucky days , lucky periods and lucky numbers? Tq


Msg #108

26-02-2012 06:01 pm

hi dear best4 sifu please check for me my lucky day and no i really need of money i a single mother of 3 children and really desperate of cash please sifu i have faith in your prediction thank you best4 sifu

(Master Sifu)

Msg #109

27-02-2012 06:22 pm

Hi Danish,
I have been putting your request aside and thinking how to answer you. I symphatise with your problems. Honestly,you need counselling to overcome your compulsive gambling urge.In Malaysia do you have these government run counselling offices where problem gamblers can approach for help.
My advice to you is,give up 4D or any form of gambling for the sake of your 3 children.Do not throw away your hard earned money to gambling.
Gambling has broken up countless families and brought pain and sorrows to loved ones.
I do not want to see you as the next victim.As such I am sorry that I would not be able to answer to your request.
Take care and I am sure the one above will help you in his mysterious way.


Msg #110

28-02-2012 12:12 am

Dear Sifu Best4,
Please count for my partner, TLC, 08/01/1980(dd/mm/yyyy).
Thanks! ^_^

(Master Sifu)

Msg #111

28-02-2012 08:29 am

Hi Shane621
Your partner's lucky days are Saturday and Sunday
Lucky periods:
January 1st to February 26th
March 1st to 10th
May 2nd to 12th
September 4 th to 14th
November 2 to 12th
December 21st to 31st
Lucky numbers are 2 and 8
May try luck on 2808,2838 and 2826
Any counter will favor him.


Msg #112

28-02-2012 05:22 pm

Hi master best4, my DOB : 26 June 1967, can you check my lucky data. Normally I like to bet on Sports-toto, not sure whether this is my lucky counter. Please advise. TQVM

(Master Sifu)

Msg #113

28-02-2012 05:52 pm

Hello D17,
Your lucky days are Saturday,Sunday and Monday
Lucky periods: January 1st to February 29th
April 21st to May 1st
August 24th to September 3rd
October 24th to November 2nd
December 21st to December 31st
Your first lucky number is 2 followed by 8
You may try these numbers 2827,2816 and 2825
Any counter is compatible to you.
Just out of curiosity,did you strike any lottery between Jan1st to Feb28th? Cause this is your first lucky period.
Now that you know your lucky periods,look forward to them with a positive attitude. Positive thinking attracts positive consequence which will improve your luck.


Msg #114

28-02-2012 09:04 pm

Some special and con. prizes, always miss top prizes.
Will place these direct bets on Sports-toto tomorrow, since this is the last day of my 1st luck period. Huat !


Msg #115

28-02-2012 11:48 pm

Hi,Best4 Sifu...look like u really busy here hehe...if u dun mind,may i know my lucky day too? My DOB is 02.09.1983. Thanks so much..


Msg #116

29-02-2012 01:16 am

Dear Sifu Best4, can check for me? 5 AUgust 1983 thanks a lot... so far dun hav any numbers in mind for tml... hmm..

(Master Sifu)

Msg #117

29-02-2012 08:25 am

Hi Oyong,
I can imagine your reaction when you strike 1st prize last Saturday,your heart went kabong,kebak,kabong..........these are moments we want to cherish for a long long time.
Your lucky days Monday,Sunday and Wednesday
Lucky periods:
April21st to May1st
June 21st to July27th
October24th to November3rd
December22nd to 31st
Your lucky numbers 3 and 2
You may try these numbers 3205,3235,3214
DaMaCai suits you,but since you just strike 1st prize with Magnum,I suggest you stick with Magnum for the time being.
Goodluck and may kabong,kebak,kabong,kebak hits you again.

(Master Sifu)

Msg #118

29-02-2012 08:31 am

Hello Synhitz,
Your lucky days Sunday,Wednesday and Friday
Lucky periods:
April 1st to 11th
May 21st to June 27th
August 21st to September 27th
October 3rd to 12th
December 3rd to 12th
Your first lucky number is 5 and second lucky number is also 5
You may try 5514,5528 and 5513
DaMaCai is your counter.


Msg #119

29-02-2012 08:44 am

Hi Best4(Master Sifu),
New member here :)Here's my DOB 27/05/1987(dd/mm/yyyy).
Thanks and Regards.


Msg #120

29-02-2012 09:13 am

Hi Master Best4
Can help to check for me? 7 July 1979 Thks.

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