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07-02-2012 02:22 pm

hello i'm new to this website

help me, how can i stop playing lottery and gambling? i spend alot of money when playing and now in debt problem. i stop by to this website after searching for debt problem. any good advice is appreciated. thanks

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08-02-2012 12:55 pm

Hi nair,

Dear Punter,

Playing lottery and ending up in our local casinos its all gambling.Gambling is something we tend to put our hard earn money to get easy money,i dont blame the operators of this gambling centers for causing your problem,you need control bro/sis! Plan your finance wisely,actually you only need to use extra money that you get from your monthly budgeting if you want to gamble and play within your means dont just over bet by just looking at your friends or other over the counter.Now to kick of your habits try to indulge in activity that can earn you money,maybe you can stay back late at office to avoid buying 4D and etc.When you really in control and you settled your debts, you can play your favorite game in a more controlled manner.

Good Luck To Become Debt free,

(Master Sifu)
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10-02-2012 02:39 pm

Hi Nair,
At least you have plans to put a stop to your gambling.The next step is to put your plans into ACTION. We can only give you advice,but the actual action of quitting gambling depends on YOU.
I know it's easier said than done but it is never too late to quit.Get yourself out of this "debt quicksand" before it sucks you deeper and deeper.
Like John(Sifu) says, clear your debt first.
Always remember,anything done in "excess", be it gambling,smoking and drinking can be harmful to your wallet and even to your health.
Hope you get out of this debt crisis fast and be on the road to recovery to be your normal self again.
Take care and may heaven help you.
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11-02-2012 11:57 am

Thanks to all sifu for the advice. I am addicted to gambling and lottery ofter hitting some money (not so big). Then the crazy thing happen to me. Everytime I spend money on gambling, I will imagine about easy big money again and again without realize that I'm in trouble. shame on me!
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