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04-02-2012 03:08 pm

I think this is bizarre because everytimes I play and want to win money it's just like a nightmare. Lately, I just play and buy the lottery ticket but never put any hope to win but I win a lot.
What I learn is if we want to be wealth, ignore money. The money will come by itself. Try it guys.
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04-02-2012 04:22 pm

Sifu Player,mind to share how you calculate number especially on sportstoto. I have seen that your prediction almost precise.
(Master Sifu)
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04-02-2012 04:53 pm

Hi Player(Sifu)
This is an interesting topic and I totally agree with you. Like the old saying goes,"Dont look for money,let money look for you."
When we buy 4D,do not raise our expectations too high.If we dont strike,take it like we have donated something to charity.
Singapore Pools and Magnum donate millions of dollars to charity annually.In fact punters are the main donors.
Another saying "Money attracts money,thats why the rich becomes richer" The more you are desperate for money, the more it will avoid you.
So the next time when you are buying 4D tell yourself you are queueing up to make donations to charity. Dont think about striking. You will be surprised that money will come looking for you.
Always remember God never create problems for us, it is us who create problems for ourselves.
Until then happy donating and soon you will be rewarded.
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04-02-2012 07:32 pm

Thank to all Sifu give us thinking like that, seem so inspiration to me, i will change my mind like that...when to buy 4d
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05-02-2012 11:46 am

Hi Best4 sifu, thanks for explaining nicely. I like the word "queueing up to make donations to charity"

umbol, thanks for your comment and good luck friend
(Master Sifu)
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05-02-2012 12:41 pm

Hello Player Sifu,
As you are aware, I am into the 4th week of posting on this site,and I really enjoyed it.Especially when our predictions are drawn.I presume you have been predicting for quite awhile and you have a lot admirers and matured followers.Tell me frankly, have you ever received unpleasant remarks about your predictions.
Sadly,I did. This morning someone posted and made a very discouraging and demoralising remark like "your prediction for Magnum SUUUCKS" Unfortunately, this posting has been censored in fact I responded but it was also censored.
I hope punters understand that we also feel bad if our predictions do not come true.
I admire your passion,committment and unselfish attitude to share your predictions. Afterall we have no obligations to share our predictions.
Good luck to all of you.
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05-02-2012 04:59 pm

hi best4,
I can see a few post has been disappeared or deleted. maybe the admin who manage this website delete them. Don't take hard on what ever people say. We not put a gun on their head and force them to buy the lottery number, so don't bother with hopeless people like this.
Msg #8
06-02-2012 12:11 pm

sifu best4,
juz ignore those hopeless people who dunno how to appreciate ur effort.
i believe there are lots of ppl who still very appreciate and admire u!
All the best!
(Master Sifu)
Msg #9
06-02-2012 07:05 pm

Hi et67,
Appreciate your kind understanding. People have very short memory, when they strike they are so elated,however,when your prediction miss a few times they become desperate and unreasonable.
Anyway I will lay off for awhile and observe the pattern.In the meantime you punters take care and play within your means. Will miss the posting but I will still be browsing the site daily.
Good luck folks!!!
(Master Sifu)
Msg #10
07-02-2012 12:19 pm

Hi et67,
For being so nice, I would like to share with you 2 lucky numbers for this week. Put a little money on 5267 and 1080 (Magnum counter)
I will also play these 2 numbers on Singapore Pools. Let's keep our fingers crossed and hope for the best.
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08-02-2012 02:57 am

Hi..Sifu Best4, I am impressed by your predictis ...0412 striked 1st in sg pools few weeks ago, i missed this chance as i told you cos i played only 2487 . I still like to follow your prediction nos .I am confident with your predictions though I didnt win any prizes yet .....pls carry on share your predictions in this forum..thanks
(Master Sifu)
Msg #12
08-02-2012 11:23 am

Hi Geminiz,
Thanks for your cofidence and being so appreciative. Look at Msg#10 and you will find the numbers.
Good luck
Msg #13
08-06-2012 12:43 am

wow. . looks like i get place to share in here,i'm new for this game.
in my place most of people are desperate to find good prediction.
they not playing,they make it as a source of income,if someone have good prediction lets say like 4 time in a row correct,and they praise him and after he wrong just for once they mocking him. .
thats make me wandering to find another forum and finally got this place,feel comfort in here and watch all the master predictions
Msg #14
12-03-2014 08:23 pm

wow look like i m going a right place , all is making money ...
i'm new here and playing for long time but all has suck by MKT...
didn't win anything ....all sifu Master pls help ?a poor little guy..
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