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22-01-2012 12:32 pm

In any games of chance especially 4D,I believe "luck" is a very important element.
Of course analysing and studying the patterns will definitely help.Punt smart.
Over the years,I have noticed that certain combinations only pop up on certain months,certain days of the week and over a certain period of absence.Here again that's when intuition and lady luck plays a very important role.
I read a lot of books on numerology and everyone of us is born with a lucky single digit number.
For instance my lucky number is "2". Over the last few days,you will notice that most of the numbers which I predicted has a "2" in it. Predicted numbers 2748,8432 and 0412. By pure chance or coincidence (luck) they all came out on Magnum and Singapore tote
Instinct tells me that number"2" will be prominent over this period.
I am not saying that other combinations without "2" will not come out but I have more confidence with a "2" in it. I also predicted 8590 and it came out.Coincidentally if you add 8+5+9= "2"4. You see the figure"2" is there. Remember this is year 2012 also.
Anyway gamble within your means. Never borrow to gamble.When you hit a bad spell,lie low and do not be desparate.
Bad things will end and so do good things.
A Happy and Prosperous Year of the DRAGON to all 4D lovers. May the DRAGON shower us with golden(7634) luck (3332) throughout the year.
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22-01-2012 03:33 pm

Dear sifu best4 , thanks , i will try to understand wat you had just told .i will go more deeper untill i get you piont. thanks and happy new year .
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22-01-2012 05:21 pm

Hi..sifu best4 ..Happy New Year ...i agree luck is important cos a few times my no hit is by luck eg: one time i saw two cars with same no plate then i bought that no in toto ,surprised me it comes out that nite and i won a few hundred dollar...i dunno how to do calculations or analysing thus sifu tips in this forum is my only chance to increase my winning ...but sifu best4 ur predicis was hit 1st and 3rd in magnum n s'pore 4d...i didnt hit any prize....guess is my luck yah...i m a little down as i ve wasted my chance...thanks and appreaciated to ur generous of sharing tips with us .Thanks
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23-01-2012 10:51 pm

Hi sifu......i'm a new member, any 4d forecast for tomorrow special draw for toto 24jan12?thank u.
(Master Sifu)
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24-01-2012 12:09 am

Hello Geminiz
A Happy New Year to you too. Do not feel down as all of us have ups and downs too. You should remain calm and be positive. Never say negative things, like I am unlucky/I have no luck. Negative thoughts will have negative consequences. Instead think positive like telling yourself you will strike 4D,you will be surprised that luck will improve. Have faith my friend and fortune will call upon you.
Wishing lots of 4D luck this year.
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24-01-2012 02:03 pm

hi4D punter i am master of master i dare to say i am no.2 nobody dare to say no 1 this wed put all your money on 9888
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24-01-2012 11:31 pm

Dear sifu Best4..thanks for ur friendly and encouraging words.,this forum is just like a friendly family ...as i usually bet in hse magnum so...i hope sifu will give predficts of magnum too if sifu have good no to share .thanks....
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06-02-2012 11:42 am

Dear Sifu,

Nice to meet you here. I would like to share an experience in winning lottery.

When i was in upper six science stream, i use mathematics method to calculate the probability to a set of jackpot to strike, it works up to 4 numbers every time but cannot strike all the 5 or 6 numbers.

Now i doing back the method it cannot works already as i have seen the computer system of toto have change. The process including collect history of the set results, get the mean of the result, get the value e and so on using poison distribution. I guess i lack of the information for the factors which influence the result of every draw such as ball number material factor, the electric devices use for the result picking etc....

Anyway, 1 thing funny is, some people just simple write down a set, then he/she win the lottery easily. Rather than spend whole day do the calculation and gain RM50 below for each bit, I rather do other works which my income is RM80 and above, then just buy 1 or 2 bit for jackpot which totally depends on luck. What do you think, sifu? Please advise.

Thank you.
(Master Sifu)
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07-02-2012 08:51 am

Hello SangKatCai,
Let me share with you some personal experience.As I mentioned before,in any game of chance,luck is a very important element.
Let's move the clock backwards 40 years.I remembered in the early 70's,there were no computers to collect datas for analysing.Back then,people place their bets at random.Of course some "lucky" ones will win but the majority will lose.
I remembered they even have 3D.It was easier to strike as the odds are much smaller,1 is to a 1,000 chance as compared to 4D which is 1 is to 10,000 chance.4D operators realised their disadvantage and eventually scraped 3D.
In Malaysia today,you even have 5D and 6D.Betting on them is equivalent to throwing your money away or to sound more drastic,it is suicidal.
Always remember, bankers will never lose.For example,take the Casino.In the beginning the game of black jack consisits of only 2 packs of cards.Then some gambling experts found a way to beat the system by remembering cards,through observing the croupiers shuffling style.Realising this,the Casino increased the deck of cards to 4 and eventually to six.
Then came the computer boom and programmers came up with all sorts of 4D software to entice punters.Mind you,these software dont come cheap.By nature human beings are greedy and easily fall prey to them.Punters buy these software to boost their confidence psychologically,but the real winners at the end of the day will be the software companies and the 4D operators.
You cannot depend on 4D to make a living. Take 4D as a past time hobby or as a recreation (provided you have the spare cash to burn) Buying 4D is like buying a "hope". As the saying goes, "no venture no gain". I observed some old folks will religiously stick to their favorite numbers to bet.They dont depend on 4D software nor browse the 4D websites for tips and yet they strike and quite often.If you dont call this "luck" how do you explain it.
Some people are born with good gambling luck,some are blessed with fantastic career luck and some with irresistable attraction for the opposite sex.Whichever category you fall into,just be thankful for what you are.As long as you are healthy and debt free.
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10-02-2012 12:32 am

Sifu Best4 thanks for such good explanation. I agree as long as you are healthy and debt free, you should thankful.
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