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Reminder: Please settle and pay your debt first before playing and buying your lottery ticket. Pay early to prevent loan interest. Save as much money into your private retirement scheme, because 75% people is not ready for their retirement nowdays and the kwsp, epf and cpf money will finish in just 5 years. Credit cards like visa and mastercard are easy to get, think carefully before you spend money and buy something with it. Do not play any online gambling or going to casino, because it is very addictive and hard to manage your budget. Clairvoyant and tarot psychic reading can help to increase chances of winning the lottery sometimes, but please be careful with scammer.


Msg #1

21-01-2012 11:59 pm

Gong Xi Fa Cai and Best wishes to all in the coming Dragon Year !

Hi 4D Masters / Sifus, I believe that this Chinese New Year Eve, there is a Hongbao to end the Rabbit Year and usher the Dragon Year with confidence and happiness.

Seek your kind help for a 4D straight number - if possible 12 permutation to have a modest New Year with a simple reunion dinner tomorrow and giving out ang-pows to nephews and nieces.

Please have mercy for this special assistance required. This year no GST rebate or special ang-pow from yje leaders.

thank you. thank, thank you...Sifus and Masters

Bless you with great fortune, excellent health and prosperity !!!

(Master Sifu)

Msg #2

22-01-2012 07:29 am

Hi Miracle,
You can try these numbers 2 day. 2045,5021,8247,2188. But I cannot guarantee that they will come out direct. There is no such thing as a sure win. I suggest you cover a bit on IBet, that will broaden your chances.
Good luck to u and miracles do happen sometimes.


Msg #3

22-01-2012 01:23 pm

Gong Xi Fa Cai Best 4 Sifu,
Thank you very much for your compassion and mercy this Lunar new Year Eve.

I will buy I-bet as you advise me, Sifu.

I pray for all to win this new year and to you especially for being kind.

Gong Xi Fa Cai 21


Msg #4

24-01-2012 09:38 am

Hi Best 4Sifu,
I was not a winner for Sunday's 4D Spore Pool draw.

Perhaps, I will receive a small fortune on Wednesday instead.

Appreciate your immediate response to help me.

Best of fortune to you and all.

Gong Xi Fa Cai !

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