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Sabah 4d - sandakan turf club (stc) / lotto88


Msg #1

19-01-2012 05:17 pm

Hello sifu Best4, can you do the prediction for sabah 4d either sandakan turf club (stc) or lotto88. thanks sifu

(Master Sifu)

Msg #2

19-01-2012 06:02 pm

Hello Jaing,
I am sorry I will not be able to do prediction for stc as I do not have any datas. I noticed that Cuppin also includes prediction for Stc so use it as an indication.


Msg #3

19-01-2012 09:59 pm

hi sifu Best4

no problem but i still hope you can make one. thanks anyway


Msg #4

20-01-2012 12:58 pm

Dear sifu Best 4 , you are my lucky star , from your last predicted no, ;i win about 100 Rm , now i have a little bit of capital ready for the next draw , hopping that sifu best4 could share the prediction no, with us . thanks


Msg #5

03-02-2012 10:13 pm

HI , i'm new here. so please if you can give a little "present" for me ? :) sifu hope you can give stc prediction.

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