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07-01-2012 06:15 pm

I've been inspired by Cupin posting last time. We already know that he not trusted in luck. So, I'm researching about this lucky topic on internet and keep asking my friends. This is what I've been told by them, more or less:

1.Preparation - This people will always prepared for something. They will always educate themself and when the opportunity comes in, they will take action. This is similar to people who visit and read this posting. You are prepared and educating yourself!

2.Network - This people not scared to asking for help. You will seen their nickname all over the forum asking for help. They are not like regular people who spend their evening watching tv and scared to leave their comfort zone.

3.Action - This people also will take action when they seen the opportunities. "No fear" is their motto in life. If you seen the opportunities but you not take the action, nothing will happen.

The conclusion:
Lucky people will always prepared and educate themself, not scared asking for help and always take action when see the opprtunities. Are you lucky people?
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07-01-2012 09:05 pm

hi cupin, any prediction of number tomorrow?
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11-01-2012 09:07 am

Hi, go0d m0rning sifu. I just to ask a lucky # for today.. 4 h0w many years i'm n0t winning a jockp0t #1. Please help me sifu i'm very2x sad.
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