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thanks master4d


Msg #1

01-01-2012 09:56 am

thanks a lot to master4d.. your basic no. 459 give me a lot of cash for last december..


Msg #2

11-01-2012 10:52 am

Hi master4d... Help me to win a j0ckp0t prize in 4d today. Badly needed


Msg #3

11-01-2012 03:12 pm

hi master4d,...i also need badly to win some prizes today...pls provide some number to buy in toto.....x6 r u there?.....thanks


Msg #4

01-10-2012 11:17 am

Master..no pe yg blh d bli pd 3hb 10 2012 d magnum...klu blh la master

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