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24-11-2011 09:22 am

what will you do with the money if you win the jackpot?
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25-11-2011 05:04 pm

Well, with that large sum of money, I will have to settle all the loans I owe the bank, whether is the house loan, shop loan, car loans or credit card, then I will distribute some to my siblings who are not doing so well and had given me support and blessing while I was having cancer. I will definitely donate to the temples, children homes, old folks homes, the disable homes, the cancer society, the non-profit charity organization and of course the poor which I come across in the newspaper. I will give my help and blessing to anybody who need it.
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07-12-2011 02:15 pm

Dear Master John,
Thank you very much for the contribution and effort you have put in. I personally don't know how to calculate nor know the systems to do so.
I have won 9020, 5233, 3030 & 2299, therefore I know the system is working.
once again I thank you for your generous contribution. if there's anything I can do to help pls do not hesistate to mention.
Msg #4
03-01-2012 09:57 am

A lot people told me all those jackpot are only won by insider relatives or friends. How true is that?
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30-03-2012 01:44 pm

Ninjatoto, who are the " a lot of people" ? Rumour mongering is only for the negative people. Where is your source ? KopiTiam ???
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