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16-06-2010 11:10 pm

Yes, as what the title said. Thursday is the important day. Most of the 4D shop will close on thursday for a break. Normally, I will analyze and study the strategy for next draw day (Saturday). Because of playing this 4D game is just a hobby, I dont have so much time to do the analysis. I have a steady income, but by playing this 4D I can make my dream come true (Realistic dream).

If I'm not win any prize in yesterday (wednesday) last sunday and saturday, I will change my strategy. Normally, the next draw number can be predict by seeing the last 2/3 drawn number before. From the history, it's really help me when do the decision. Use the teory of probality, utilise my eyes, search for the hot number, use my brain to manipulate the number. The number of group from the top prize normally will come out in the next draw but in the starter or consolation prize only. It's very rare the number from this group will drawn in the top prize but it's possible.

On this day, I also set my money management plan. Normally I will set below than RM150 a month to lose and play on this game. On each drawn day, I will spend RM5 only to buy the ticket. But it's depend on my strategy. Let say that i'm very confident with the number that I'm predict, I will spend more on that day. But if I'm cannot predict well or just unsure, I just spend less or better not play on that day.

Friday, is the final decision and saturday is a winning day. There is no easy money in this world. Remember that!
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01-02-2012 06:12 pm

yeah yeah yeah ....money is not easy to get ....but 4d will bring you the money .... :) im addicted to 4d so much .... im trying to stop playing it cause it doesnt make me any good money .....but not im still playing it :) ....wish u all good luck
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