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30-11-2010 08:18 am

Hi jazz1011,

Congrats to you too. You must be so lucky then. Hehehe. How about today? My prediction hits on magnum. Missed my jackpot :)
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30-11-2010 09:11 am

Hi Cupin,

You are definitely winning on almost every draw ...hehe


Yes, I was very lucky last week. I was in a small town area in Taiping, and somehow that area only has a very small Toto outlet, so I just bought your Toto prediction.

But I could not believe my eyes when I saw that I struck 3rd prize :)

Thanks a lot for your exceptionally good predictions!

You said you missed the jackpot tonight. Did you mean the Magnum jackpot? How's your jackpot system coming along?

Lets work towards it, bro :)
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30-11-2010 09:21 am

Ahh I been there on 2007 when I'm outstation too. Yeah it's hard to find any 4D outlet. Still remember how I'm so lucky in Taiping last time. Manage to find Damacai outlet and strike 1st prize :) Anyway out of topic, did you try sotong kangkung? hehehe
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30-11-2010 09:41 am

Wow... you struck 1st prize when you were at Taiping in 2007 :)

You must be one lucky guy ...hehehe

I'm still waiting for my chance to come with your predictions.

Off topic, Taiping is small, but things are still cheap there. And the place is quiet compared to the havoc in KL and PJ. If I had a choice, I would definitely live there - but unfortunately, jobs are not plenty over there.

I didn't get to try sotong kankung, but I had my favourite Fried Kuey Teow. The taste had changed a bit since the last time I went there years ago - but I have to admit, it taste much better than any of the Fried Kuey Teow stalls in KL ...hehe

But I really do like the peaceful surroundings of Taiping town. No stress at all. And traffic is so much better, makes driving easier.

So, did you say you missed the Magnum Jackpot tonight?

The Jackpot 1 has already amounted to RM18 million!
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18-12-2010 05:51 am

Hi jazz1011,

Yeah I missed the jackpot. Anyway, the big prize is still there. Hope today it's struck me :). I'm a bit busy last few week. Have another personal project for 2011 that really need my attention. Did you strike any prize since our last conversation? :)
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18-12-2010 10:50 pm

Hi Cupin,

Great to hear from you.

I wish you all the best in your jackpot today. Seeing you win would show that your prediction has actually worked :)

Well, I'm as busy as you too, bro. Somehow at the end of the year, many projects at work tend to crop up. Hope to take a good break once I settle all my work.

I managed to strike a Magnum consolation since we last spoke using your prediction tool.
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26-12-2010 08:25 am

Hi jazz1011,

My prediction today hits magnum. A bit frustrated because not win the jackpot but still hit the mbox on 4d game. Did you win?
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26-12-2010 08:58 am

Hi Cupin,

Yes!!! I won too!

And guess what... I put a bet of RM5 each on the numbers today.

Must be my lucky day :)

I'm as frustrated as you too as the jackpot has been won - but hopefully we could win it TOGETHER next year when your system if out :)
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26-12-2010 09:11 am

ahaha, congratulation bro. I'm not put to much attention on 4d game today because trying my jackpot prediction. I could win the prize if I'm playing the permutation strategy on jackpot but it involve too much money and it's not my goal. Anyway, happy new year! hope 2011 give prosperity to us!
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26-12-2010 11:00 am

I do believe that you could certainly win if you're incorporating permutation into your playing strategy for jackpot - but then, it's also true that the cost is just too high.

But if at all, that you feel certain on ONE particular day that permutation would work - I'm willing to share the cost with you - just for that day's draw.

And should we win, then only we'll talk about how to split the winnings :)

After all, you should get more credit since you developed the system. Do think about it.

Cheers Bro and Happy New Year 2011.
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31-12-2010 09:50 am

Hi jazz1011,

Thanks for your support and opinion. That's may be a good idea. Share the cost for jackpot game, but I don't think the system is 100% ready for jackpot yet and it's still not proven too. I don't want to risk your hard earn money! For this time being, let me test it 1st but you are free to test it too soon. If you win, I don't mind if you buy me a drink. hehehe... :)
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01-01-2011 09:12 am

Hi Cupin,

Happy New Year 2011.

I believe this year is the year that we'll win the jackpot. I'll be patiently waiting for your system to be ready and then I'll start testing the waters.

Glad that you like my idea on sharing the cost for the jackpot game. Betting is game and big money is everywhere. Rather than to keep it all to myself, why not share the winnings with genuine friends like you. Besides, we stand a greater chance if we share the cost - and not to mention, it would also lighten our betting cost.

I always believe - "If there's money to be made, then lets make it together".

If I test your system and I win, I won't be even buying you a drink. I'll give you 10% of my winnings straight into your bank account. And that's my sincere promise to you :)
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18-02-2011 01:46 pm

helo n goodmorning, just register for this forum....hai Cupin wanna ask something.... permutation same as box24 (if it a single number ex-1234) right?. if i wanna try for 5 set number per betting com. it make aprmly rm 100 plus.if it 3 company it make aprmly rm300 plus.
iam a little bit confius...can u help me with this..sory if i ask in wrong topic.a big thank if u can help me with this question.
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19-02-2011 04:01 am

helo everyone....me again....can Cupin give any tip about 2 digit, thank
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20-02-2011 01:52 pm

Hi artictech,

Yeah you are right. Permutation is same as box 24. Why it take more than rm100++ per lottery company? How much do you bet for every number actually? My prediction only produce 5 number for every company that you will play. If you bet rm1 for every number, that's mean rm 5 per lottery company.
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26-02-2011 03:00 am


sory i am a old scholl buyer, just read the magnum website....sory. i know now u can buy mbox as low as rm.1,heeheh pity me...ermm is it true mb24 con prize rm 3???? realy aaaa???. anyway thank for the reply...
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26-02-2011 02:01 pm

Hi artictech,

Welcome aboard.

Yes, you can buy mbox from as low as RM1. And consolation prize for mb24 is indeed RM3.

"Sad" isn't it... but unfortunately, that's how the game of mBox is played. The gambling company is giving u a chance to win all permutations for only RM1, so it's pretty obvious that the prize money that they are going to give out wouldn't be that much either.

Have fun playing the game ok :)
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02-03-2011 09:47 pm

thank jazz....
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18-09-2011 12:37 am

Hello Guyz,
I'm from Bangladesh. I work here in Malaysia. I born in a poor family my father can not fill our desired in our childhood. i wanna be a rich man. Please help me to win 4D number or Jackpot. what number i will buy.... please help me if u guyz can.......
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10-07-2012 11:43 am

Dear Cupin,
Where can I get your predictions for the numbers in magnum or toto. New to this site. TQ
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