» » Do you hate yourself and feel tired because not win 4D prize?

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15-06-2010 09:57 am

It's happen to me. I play this 4D game for a few years before. In that time, I only strike 2 starter and 1 consolation prize. Poor me. I play the game with only a few of my favourite number.

It's include my motorcycle, car, identity card, birthday date, and phone number. I then quit this game for a year. Study why i'm only win rarely. Am I was very unlucky person?

From my study and collect information about this 4D game, then i found a method and prediction based on 4D result. Since then, I will win every month. Normally I will win top prize once and several low prize in a month.

The conclusion is:
* You need to have strategy and a budget to stick with. Only play with money that you are prepared to lost every month.
* Do not expect to win every draw because it is not possible.
* Systems and softwares can provide you with a strategy and key decisions about the number you should play to increase your chances of winning not necessarily winning it.
* There is no system , software or strategy in the world that will give you less than 3 numbers to play and you expect to win from it. If you have found any, then please let me know immediately .
* If you are playing your numbers only in direct way without boxing it, then be prepared to wait for years before you win anything unless you are such a lucky person of course.
* In order to stand a chance to win in every draw or every week, then your playing style must also be dynamic and you must ensure that you play numbers according to some pattern or trends not playing the same numbers year after year. You need to be prepared to play at least 15 numbers in a box per draw way to have a realistic shot of winning more frequently.

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06-05-2015 01:12 pm


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