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11-09-2011 09:04 pm

thanks a lot to cupin, my fisrt try using your software is unbelievable.
hit 1st prize of magnum today.

hail to cupin!!

thx you very much for your effort.

just curious, what will happen to this site.
it's so quiet now.
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12-09-2011 11:50 am

Congratulations blackcoffe,

This is really a good month for me. Hitting 2 top prize in magnum mbox 4711 and 4207 following cupin weekly prediction :)
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14-09-2011 06:52 pm

how to use the weekly prediction pls.advise thanks
Msg #4
14-09-2011 07:02 pm

izzit the one provided here??
Msg #5
17-09-2011 02:15 am

thanks player,

hi vtg! welcome
think you should read carefully at the software prediction page. cupin explain everything there.
Msg #6
17-09-2011 10:01 pm

thanks once again cupin!!
your prediction software really helpful
on 11 sept i hit 1st and starter
on 14 sept hit consolation with 2 sets of numbers
and today i win again, 2nd..
all of because i am using your prediction software
i know thanks it not enough, anyway thanks a lot
Msg #7
18-09-2011 01:14 am

u win how much?software prediction page?which one?u mean forum?
Msg #8
21-09-2011 04:22 pm

Hi Guyz,
I'm a new comer in cupin .net
I want to play and win 4d but do not have any idea what number i will buy. I lost too much money buy 4d ticket.
Cupin please help me to win...pls pls pls
Msg #9
22-09-2011 12:56 am

ya,i have to agreed that this software is indeed helpful atleast,got a chance to win.not just bet blindly.hope we can share here.thanks everyone...............all d best..........
Msg #10
23-09-2011 03:43 am

Hi Cupin..
This is my 1st time using your prediction software and relly helpful. I really don't know what is i-prem or m-box but when I was going thru the net I saw your side and was reading it and then only I know what is i-prem, mbox and other game. I use to buy 4d but never win anything I was about to give up and when I saw your prediction on 18 Sept I hit consolation with 2 set of numbers and 22 sept I hit 2nd.
well it was God's Blessing Thanks you chupi for helping all of us.
Msg #11
23-09-2011 04:35 am

welcome guys,
just update my winning again
i hit starter on 18 sept, and again hit 2nd prize on toto yesterday.
starting using cupin prediction software on 11th sept and never miss so far, i mean i hit everytimes!!

chinmuar, just scroll to the top on this page, you will see a blue tab 'free 4d prediction ' click on it. it will take you to your victory.
cheers everyone. thank again cupin, i owe you man!!!
Msg #12
23-09-2011 04:42 am

i still wondering, when will cupin visit us again.
Msg #13
23-09-2011 09:22 pm

wahh so many people win 4d. congratulations. all the best guys
Msg #14
25-09-2011 01:00 am

how much is the prizes?for permutation..sry i beginner..never bet before..
Msg #15
03-11-2011 09:52 am

TQ Mr.Cupin....1st time using ur prediction tool...i wont special prize yesterday. sport toto. waaaah...im so hepy..!! TQ!!
Msg #16
04-01-2012 02:22 am

Sifu Cupin , what is the prediction tool ? this is the first time i hear our member Davincicode86 talk about it .where can we have the tool ??
Msg #17
14-02-2012 01:10 am

Hi Cupin.New here,I was browsing and found your blog.Based on people writing in,I think i can follow your tips.Hope I can win together with the rest..
Msg #18
14-02-2012 01:14 am

Gonna buy the numbers soon...Good luck people..Wish me luck too..
Msg #19
14-02-2012 11:31 am

bombdragon. what the special number for today?
Msg #20
14-02-2012 04:30 pm

fitrib21 5213?
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