» » This is my magnum number for 8th of June 2011

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07-06-2011 11:14 pm

ok guys.. here i go.. and as for warning, play by ur own responsibility.. i just gave whats the number i bought..

based on last draw, on Sunday 5th June, the number 6405 is the hottest number ranged from the first to the 4th... using cupin method :

heres the number i took :

1. 6405
2. 6517
3. 6872
4. 7938
5. 4908
6. 0195

a few numbers in the past draw that seem odd :


my advice, Mbox it all, and tweak one or two numbers, or arranged it as it suits u..
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07-06-2011 11:20 pm

as for tips, the last draw, on 5th june, i got 1st prize.. 6229 based on hot numbers on saturday 4th june.. I usually took 4 hottest number on last draw but on saturday, the 4th hottest number are equally with another number, so i will take only 3 hottest number and tweak it.. the hottest number on saturday 4th june is 962, and i mbox 9962, 9662,9622. and using cupin method i also got 6630.. direct.
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08-06-2011 11:56 am

me need magnum num tday.help
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10-06-2011 04:03 pm

Buy 3D , you have better chance to win
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10-06-2013 01:22 pm

Hello ryanguy..can u teach us how do u get the hot number? Tqvm
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