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16-05-2011 07:36 pm

Greetings.. i would like to share a few method i have been using lately on Magnum only...
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16-05-2011 08:12 pm


the above is the picture of magnum ticket i bought last saturday 14th may..

the information is gathered by reading on other website.. so, before i tell my method of reading the ticket, then what the codes on ticket means should come first.. Knowledge is power rite?

so first thing:
1. the red box is equal too something far beyond my comprehension.. i mean i really dont know what it means.
2. the green box is equal to 4 digits in a group of 4 groups the i box it with red box in the bottom of total of rm 1.00
3. how the codes on the left works with the 4 x 4 digits?
well.. the green box from top, equal with the first 4 digits or letters, the second green box from top equal to 2nd 4 digit or letters and so on..
4. how to read it? see the number i wrote at the bottom left corresponding with the column? 8 4 2 and 1
for example, the first green box with the first row equal with the first digit or letters in the first 4 groups of number. in this case, the first row equal to 4, 2nd row equal to 4 the third row equal to 8 and the last one equal to E. E is 8+4+2 which is 14 and the same equal to the A to F i wrote on the rite? U guys get it?
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16-05-2011 08:49 pm

and now.. my method.. since ever i beginning to play.. i try to play like Cupin suggest. Play smart.. the numbers are not really randomly pick up, and you can predict the number based on a good analysis.. and some luck.. well luck plays a bit role didnt they? so.. im a big fans of magnum jackpot.. i dont think that i can accurately get that jackpot numbers, but what make me interest is, the number produced by jackpot ticket.. as to explain it further.. please see the jackpot ticket on this link. i dont know how to put the picture rite here.. cause i dont know..[IMG]http://i1202.photobucket.com/albums/bb372/ryanguy74/I_20_18_30__00002.jpg[/IMG]

trying if its work.. above is the first magnum jackpot ticket i bought based on solely on Cupin method. Noticed the number i wrote down below.. its same number below it, cause it blurr.

2nd one, notice again the number at the bottom rite.

3rd jackpot ticket number

4th one.. i got lot of time..

5th one and the last one.. please see the number on the below of the ticket.. observed.. digest it..

and i bought this :

the result :


see the first and second prize? 7454 and 4468? the 1st prize located exactly the same number the 5th jackpot ticket i bought. and the 2nd prize just missed one number.. 8.. just i took wrong one.. and that number, is the last one i bought.. since its already 6.30 pm.. and im gonna rush home.. lol.. what i wanna say is, the first magnum ticket i bought is on 27th April, the first post i ever posted here, i won, by using the number below of JP ticket.. and the winning number is 4048.. not gonna forget it.. lol..
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16-05-2011 08:55 pm

and the number i got it is based on cupin method.. ill try to post a better concrete method by the next time.. im trying to used cupin method to produce a set of 20 numbers, the 5th one is the cupin suggestion.. the second 5 set is base on last draw 2 highest number and 2 lowest number, the 3rd set base on 2 highest number on last draw and 2 second highest number. and the last 5th set is based on ABCD and the probability of the last 10 draws or more.. the probability of highest number out, or hot numbers.. ill try 4 draw based on analysis and calculation and some say "cai" and the remaining days only based on instinct.. guess what the first 4 draw, i hit a few Mboxs and direct number.
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17-05-2011 11:52 am

Ryan...Hi i am very much new in 4D lottery...started a couple of months ago,been doing some researches here & there,online & manually....then i came upon this site n its free...its gud if you experts can share your lucky tidings to me once in a while....i am writing all the past writeups here,so as to get myself used to some of the languages used...Nevertheless,Cupin is great to set up something like this,for novice like me to learn for free !!
(top contributor)
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17-05-2011 01:33 pm

Hi Kelly,

And welcome a board.

Feel free to check out the various threads in here. If you're a novice, then it would be good to read up the many postings first so that you get a first hand know-how on the game.

And once you're comfortable with everything, you could then try out Cupin's prediction tool here. Yes, it's free for you to use as much as you want :)

Don't be shy to ask questions. We all do it everytime. And if you have something to share, we'll be delighted to hear you out too.

Enjoy your stay here, Kelly :)

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17-05-2011 03:33 pm

Thanks :)
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17-05-2011 04:16 pm

there are various method of analyzing 4d number,

System Pattern - ABCD, AABC, AABB, AAAB
Direct Pattern - ABCD, ABDC, ACBDâ.¦etc
Sum Group - Adding all the 4 digits into a sum value.
OE Group - Distinguish each digit into Odd and Even.
BS Group - Distinguish each digit into Big and Small.
NG Group - Study the Next Gap value hit pattern.
Pairing Group - Study the related pair.
Digit Group - Positional Digit Grouping.

System ABCD
There are a total of 210 sets of system numbers.
Each system has a permutation of 24 direct numbers.
Which made up of 5040 sets of direct numbers, 50.4% of the 10,000 numbers.

System AABC
There are a total of 360 sets of 4-D system numbers.
Each system has a permutation of 12 direct numbers.
Which made up of 4320 sets of direct numbers, 43.2% of the 10,000 numbers.

System AABB
There are a total of 45 sets of 4-D system numbers.
Each system has a permutation of 6 direct numbers.
Which made up of 270 sets of direct numbers, 2.7% of the 10,000 numbers.

System AAAB
There are a total of 90 sets of 4-D system numbers.
Each system has a permutation of 4 direct numbers.
Which made up of 360 sets of direct numbers, 3.6% of the 10,000 numbers.

System AAAA
There are a total of 10 sets of 4-D system numbers, 0.1% of the 10,000 numbers.

Each system will have it unique performance when the statistics are probably layout.

have u guys ever play roulette?
there are 37 numbers on board, divide by 2 colors, divide by two side on board, dive by 3 types of 1st 12 2nd 12 and so on... what is the probability of certain number to pop up or show up? its 100 percent for each of it.. then it makes around 3700 percents of acumulated percent. what if, u take out 1 percent or even half a percent out of each number, and leave one number un intact? the probability of the unintact number is gonna rise? it same principal with magnum i guess.
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25-05-2011 08:30 pm

very interesting!!!
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02-07-2011 12:55 pm

Hi Ryan,
thanks again for sharing your method. just wish to check a few things with you.

firstly, I understand your msg #2 above, and it makes full sense to me on the binary coding used.

2ndly, in msg #3, you have used trial and error, and you took from every ticket the last 2 numbers of 5 digits as reference to predict the winning numbers. may I know the reason why the other numbers (5 other numbers) not considered?

Just hope for a more specific way, because your method is very near to a mathematic solution. Somehow i think that it's also a coincidence that you are near to the winning numbers, as I found some discrepencies. Nonetheless, I appreciate your post, and I won't reveal the discrepancy here. Do keep posting, never give up. I will try to make some time to do some testing too this weekend, buying randomly like you to prove a point.

Maybe two heads working together will make it better :)
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10-01-2013 03:42 pm

Mr RyanGuy, what is your opinion of the ticket code of AEXX which XX is any numbers? because i hv noticed that when i got that kind of code usually the XX numbers (2D) will 95% come out at podium prize. For example if i bought 4589 and got code of 4ae5 and the result at one of the podium prize is 4135 which is 45 is remain. Any ideas?
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