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27-03-2011 11:41 pm

I believe this is one topic that has been on most, or rather ALL of our minds for a long, long time - so I thought I'd bring up this subject to see what each & everyone of us here have to say and give their opinion about.

Personally, as much as I hate to say it - I don't really play on Special Draws. I think most of you know why the lottery companies have special draws.

Of course, one of the reasons is for them to get more income. And secondly, I guess we all know under whose directive that these companies should have a Special Draw every month. Who else but from the people of the highest level of authority in the country.

I can be a bit controversial, so please bear with me :) Hope you don't mind, Cupin.

I can still remember back in those days, there were only one Special Draw held a month. Maybe two, the most. And not all 3 lottery companies would take part in each Special Draw. They used to take turns. Nowadays, on every Special Draw - we see all 3 lottery companies taking part. So, what does it proves? Well, I'm sure you are all smart enough to know the answer.

And all these goes back to my personal answer as to why I don't usually play on these Special Draws. Of course, I can't deny that there are people who have won big (in huge amounts too) on Special Draw days. But the ratio is just too, too low compared to the usual draw days.

One of my very distant relative who operates a Magnum outlet has even advised me that - it's not worth it to play on Special Draws. The odds of you striking is about 1:1000. Usually it's the lottery companies who takes almost everything on that day. I couldn't agree more. And we all know why they (the lottery companies) take more on that day.

So, if anyone here would like to add their opinions to this subject, please feel free to do so. I'd love to hear you guys opinions, comments & feedbacks.
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28-03-2011 12:47 am

Hi jazz1011,

Firstly thanks for such a priceless post.

I do agree with you. Actually, we as a player (buyer) are make this special draw day a big profit for them. We will take part in every draw because we want to increase our chance to win something. Play in every draw will sure increase the chance but without a correct strategy it's will give no different. Honestly, I will take part sometimes but it totally depends on my strategy and prediction.

Bizarre mostly I win big on this day. My playing style is, I will not take part in next draw if I win something in last draw. Using this strategy, I actually try to discipline myself and control this habit.

Special draw exist because got huge market request. Marketing and sales people know this.

* jazz1011, you got advantage here because you got distant relatives operate the outlet hehehe
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28-03-2011 11:34 am

Hi Cupin,

Look as though you're of a different breed - that is, you actually win big on Special Draw days :) How I wish I had the same luck as you.

In fact, one of my grand aunties actually won a staggering RM60K on one of these days a couple of years ago. She's a real hardcore punter, and I guess that day, luck was really shining on her.

One good trait I possess is that I have the same playing style as you. If I happen to win in one draw (no matter how big or small the amount is) - very likely I won't play in the next draw anymore. Experience speaks for itself, as I used to continue playing after I won - and the result is, I'm bound to lose back some to them. The percentage of us winning again on the very next draw is simply too low.

And you're right, Cupin. This is a good way to DISCIPLINE ourselves! And in gambling, discipline is the key to us controlling our budget.

*** Haha... I don't have the advantage, bro. Coz that relative told me, even when they themselves try to play, they also seldom win. They're not any better than any of us. He said, although they do operate the outlet as a franchise, but they do not have any special access to the "main playing system". HQ controls everything :(

The only advise that he gave to me when I asked him about how to have a better chance when playing the Magnum Jackpot is - to play using System Bet. But never play a high System Bet coz it's not worth the money. The most that anyone should play is until System Bet 10 (SB 10). Anything more than that, the risk is already too high. But a word of caution from him, even System Bet can't guarantee your winning.
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28-03-2011 12:34 pm

Hi jazz1011,

This is what we call a high quality info. Thanks for sharing!
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28-03-2011 03:29 pm

interesting topic jazz...

i got friends who do not play special draws. reasons same as yours. i had thought it's just hearsay..

as for jackpot system bet..system 10 is 90 rgt...but problem is can you pick the right combo to be in that group.
i got a friend who lost jackpot 2 cos he play the numbers in different set!..guess that's why it's called LUCK.
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28-03-2011 04:24 pm

Hi coles,

Good to see you again!

Yes, you said it right - even with SB 10 (RM90), there is no guarantee that you can hit the jackpot. I myself, have played system bet 10 before and I won nothing. But when I played system bet 3 (RM6), I won RM300!

So, I guess you can say LUCK really does indeed play a small part in every gambling venture we put ourselves into :)
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28-03-2011 04:25 pm

Hey, no problem Cupin.

That's what the main point of this forum is - to Share, Guide & Educate.

Like they say, Knowledge is Power. And in gambling, once you have the knowledge, you have already won half the battle. The remaining is all up to your determination, effort, and a little dash of luck :)
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