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07-03-2011 09:36 pm

Yes, you actually a loser after buying the lottery ticket even before the draw start. Have you notice that the lottery seller will look at your ticket before they passed it to you. They already know if you a winner or a looser. They has seen thousand or more winning ticket and how the code that print in the lottery ticket look like.

I have taken photo of all my winning ticket and watch them regularly. This will remind me how the code pattern printed on the lottery ticket. My strategy, if I'm not seen the pattern I know that the lottery ticket is a loser. Either I buy another set of ticket or just stick and accept that I'm not win that day.

So if you want to win, try looking a friend that work as a lottery ticket seller. hehehe
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07-03-2011 10:00 pm

you are kidding right?
never heard of this before...please if you can show us what to look for!
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07-03-2011 10:13 pm

Hi Cupin,

As much as I hate to say it - but YES, I do AGREE with you on this topic.

We are already a loser when we buy any lottery tickets. No matter how good our predictions can be, we can never challenge the system of the lottery companies. They are always one step ahead of us - and it is them, who determine whether we lose or win.

It's a sad fact, but it true. And it is a reality that we all have to accept whether we like it or not.

Yes, it's reality. I mean, come on - if those lottery companies do not control their draws, places like Genting, Macau and Las Vegas which houses some of the biggest gambling tycoons in the world like our late Uncle Lim, Macau's Stanley Ho, and Las Vegas' Steve Wynn wouldn't be as rich as they are today.

I think Cupin has brought up a very interesting thread this time, and I hope all our fellow members here would give their part of opinions on this topic.

Personally, I'm not afraid to admit that since the day I started playing lottery, I have lost more than I have won. Maybe there is a percentage of you out there who has won more than you have lost (I'm not saying there isn't any) - but I think it's only a handful.

And how I wish know how to read the code, and even if I do know, I would have to buy the ticket first to know what the code is. So inevitably, my fate is already "locked" by the lottery company because the moment I buy the ticket, I would have already made my payment to them.

I think rather than to look for a friend who works as a lottery ticket seller, I'd rather get a lottery licence and operate my own lottery outlet... hahaha

I get more returns this way :)
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07-03-2011 10:21 pm

yeahh....i heard ppl say the code looks like staircase ...is it the same code pattern as urs???
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07-03-2011 10:36 pm

Hi guys,

@jazz1011, yeah they are big names in this industry. You are right. I need to buy the ticket 1st and seen the code before I can make decision. Remember last time magnum change their system to print a new code on their ticket after some people leak the security. I'm not so sure about this but in my opinion as a system administrator and security, we will always change how the algorithm appear to public. Summore, they are multi billionaire company. To invest on new security system is not a problem.

@ants, most of mine is full for top prize on damacai. Not sure about the staircase but most of my top prize on sportstoto look like what you said and the last character look like D4D4, F4F4, AEAE

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07-03-2011 10:40 pm

wow...looks like i'm the only one oblivious to this..

cupin..since you have pic of yr winning tickets, can you show us what to look for?
you can blacked out all other details for privacy.

jazz, like you, i've given back what i've won and more!
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07-03-2011 11:00 pm

Ok guys,

I will share the ticket for last year. The winning is not big, just to show you the example.

Notice the code and the staircase?
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07-03-2011 11:25 pm

Actually I think there are many variations of the code now. Few years back, the only code I knew of, were those small black rectangular squares at the bottom of the ticket. And until today, I still don't know how to read them.

Regarding the staircase patterns and the numeric characters like what Ants and Cupin described is definitely something new to me.

And you're right Cupin, those gambling companies are multi-billionaire conglomerates. Investing in a few million dollars to build up a new and better system for their lottery operations is just salt & peanuts to them. They can easily get that few million back in just one night.

But then again, who can blame them. Like the old saying goes - "The lottery companies didn't point a gun at your head & force you to gamble. It's us (by human nature) that we want to try our luck and win their money."

So, to put it bluntly, we are digging our own graves.

And which is why, it still comes back to the most important aspect of gambling & one that we always emphasize in this forum, and that is - always PLAY RESPONSIBLY :)
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07-03-2011 11:43 pm

i'm a bit lost here..
you mean must hv D4D4 issit...or must hv pair of same number?
the staircase is the brick pattern on extreme left is it..like a ladder up?

jazz...you are right but a bit more extra knowledge don't hurt. :D
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07-03-2011 11:56 pm

Yea Cupin, do enlighten us on how to go about reading the brick pattern and the numeric patterns.

You're right Coles, as human we'll never stop learning and we'll never stop being inquisitive. Hey what the heck man... if after all the explaining that Cupin would be giving us and I still don't understand, at least I gave it a shot to try to learn it :)
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08-03-2011 12:44 am

hmmm....the pattern prooooooooves that 4d is indeeeeeed a manipulation , :)
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08-03-2011 12:55 am

Hi guys!I do believe that the security code do has something to do by telling either its a winning or losing ticket.If you really notice outside most of the lottery outlet specially near restaurants you can see people with lottery tickets predicting winning number and i usually see the same people there most of time!I even asked them what they are doing?They told me that they are reading code and they usely predict 1 set of number based on last draw and they will buy more tickets and modify the number on draw date till they find the winning code and they do it in groups so they could share money and minimise the risk.But the bad thing is the guys ain't sharing their knowledge.hehehe
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08-03-2011 02:06 am

Hi guys,

@coles: the number on my top prize is not the same but the pattern is pairing. The staircase also appear in my special and consolation ticket but with different pair. So conclusion of the code for me is the staircase only give me sign that the ticket win. The code will answer if I'm hit top prize or not :)

@jazz: your remind me with some folk when I'm go for one company trip in motivation. Our brain will always hungry for information. It will not stop. Learn something new everyday and make progress :)

@LottoGeek: I'm also notice that when seeing all old timer and senior gathering together predict the number. But it's still in guessing game and involve to much of money. Not suitable for me :)

@ant: What will you do if you the owner of this game? :)
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08-03-2011 10:30 am

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08-03-2011 10:47 am

Cupin i mean there is another type of group beside this senior and old timer,Code Readers!Yes like what you say actually code reading need alot of investment to get the final winning number prediction.

Importantly PLAY RESPONSIBLY tats what i learned form this forum.
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08-03-2011 10:48 am

if i were the owner of this game...i would try promote this pattern to as much ppl as possible......cos u need to buy to get the pattern mah..i may even encourage them to buy 1 number per ticket so that pattern more accurate, :)...hehehe......and if plan to buy 100 ticket for single no,then try buy i ticket 1st and if got pattern then baru hentam extra 99 ticket . if not keep on buying 1 ticket !!!!!!! Mmmmuaahahhahahhhhaaa..... the objective of 4d game as a banker has been fully achieved in this way as the 10,000 nos will be spread out.....personally, why get the code after u pay when u can do the opposite???some more how to tell the difference if assuming ur 4d no just miss a single digit(plus 1 or minus 1)...unless u have an eagle eye to spot the minute difference in code!!!! the answer to my 1st question is simple...to research and analyse is definitely requires one to be patient and
persistent....n both this value must involve hard work for sure!!!
so....my conclusion is, the seniors gathering prefer the less difficult way by paying first instead of mind cracking doing analysis.. :)
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08-03-2011 11:20 am


You're absolutely right. Couldn't have said it better. 4D is indeed a game of manipulation. I couldn't agree more on your point.

If not, the lottery companies won't be laughing their way to the banks everyday. While we can always do our best to figure / predict out the patterns, I think the ONE question that we would always ask ourselves is - "Who is manipulating Who the most - actually?"

Well, I guess the answer is very obvious to all of us :)
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08-03-2011 11:22 am

Absolutely spot on, Cupin.

Lottery after all, is still a guessing game. Period.

No matter how advance our own systems can be, in the end - it's still whether we make it or break it.

I've always been on the same thinking pattern as you. Lottery is just for entertainment. We can take it seriously - but never too serious until it becomes an addiction.
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08-03-2011 12:29 pm

@ants: dear, ahahaha you are really exploited our mind if you are really the owner. ahahahahah.Yes, this game is manipulation. I'm spending years to crack it down doing analysis and try to share my result so people not reinvent the wheel. That where the math probality comes in :)

If I'm the owner, I know how much money has been roll into my account that day. I also has a report shows what number has been buy until sold out. I also has good friends, crony, relative or what ever that crying infront of my door everyday begging to give them money. Do you think the number basically has been decide even before it's drawn? And because they are a big company, involve to much decision after all :) Trust me, office politic can't be stop. That's why I choose to working alone as programmer.

@jazz1011, That's one of reason why I'm created this website. Warn people to play responsibly. Only take risk that you know how to handle and solve at the end. We are not a gambler, we are smart player! After all, every game in this world has strategy how to win :)
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08-03-2011 12:56 pm


heeee....i just thought of something.. ....since the code raeders, old and senior timers r looking 4 the pattern....i'm sure u just get cupin's prediction no n buy a ticket. Since the prediction is always either hit or miss 1 single digit (plus 1 or minus 1 ), i'm sure the code outcome should be nearing to what they r looking for..so, after u buy 1 ticket, u approach them n show them ur ticket code but cloce the no wif ur finger...."yo uncle, u looking 4 code like this ah??" if the reply is yes, then say "k lah, u want 2 know my no ahh.. i sell u my ticketlah for RM1.10????" :) :) :p ...joke joke only..but no harm trying as u got nothing to lose...so if after permutation, 5 x 24=120 total numbers, that gives u rm12 profit...mmmuuaahhahhahahhaa...guarantee winner even b4 result come out.....
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