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02-03-2011 10:23 pm

sportstoto vs magnum vs damacai

I'm doing some research for all this three company (Sportstoto, Magnum & Damacai) which one are worth it to play.This is just a review and some data may not accurate. Data has been compiled based on internet user or visitor that visit their website. Real life may not the same. From that reports, it shows that sportstoto has bigger gap from other lottery companies in Feb 2010. One reason I can think is because Chinese New Year. Player will spend more to try the good luck. But why sportstoto? Magnum only outranking their competitor in May 2010. At the end of the year, Damacai has outrank Magnum. Overall, Sportstoto still leading. Do you think Sportstoto is the best lottery company to spend money with?
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02-03-2011 10:39 pm

Hi Cupin,

I used to focus on just Sportstoto in my earlier years. Probably because I love playing their jackpot games. Personally, I think Sportstoto leads is because they have a vast variety of games to play compared to the other two. Their 6D and 5D games are also very popular amongst regular punters.

But in the last two years, I found myself drifting away from Sportstoto and concentrated more on Damacai. Reason being, I have struck more on Damacai than on Sportstoto. And my winnings were much larger - hence I am now still on Damacai.

I only play Magnum for one reason - to hit their Jackpot ... haha
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02-03-2011 10:42 pm

not really but you have to bear in mind toto has more 'varieties'..
4d,5d,6d,supreme,mega and power....so i guessed it all adds up.

strange as it may seem. a lot of the senior players are die hard damacai fans. damacai has not changed much,in fact, not changed at all in betting format. they also like the 3d it offer.

i find most senior players are very confused with the jackpot concept introduced by magnum.

that's my observation la.

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02-03-2011 10:47 pm

i'm with you on this jazz..

i'm more into toto and kuda...magnum only for the jackpot.
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02-03-2011 11:04 pm

I totally agree with you, Coles that a lot senior players (not to mention middle-aged and younger players like me too) - are still very confused with Magnum's jackpot concept until this very day.

The thing that I find most disturbing and frustrated about the Magnum jackpot is, they do not even state clearly and IN DETAIL how the game is played - and worse still, the full prize structure.

For example, if we were to play System Bet, the chart only shows until a certain amount of bet whereas the written description says that you can bet until so, and so, and so.

And it doesn't even state in full detail the winning prizes for System Bet. The description only says that the computer would automatically identify how much you have won.

I mean, this is crazy. How would I know that Magnum isn't cheating me when they tell me how much I've won?

At least for Sportstoto, they lay out their entire prize structure for each and every of their games in full detail. This, I really respect them for their integrity.
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02-03-2011 11:08 pm

Hi guys,

I'm with you too guys. Damacai all the way. Magnum just for the jackpot. If we seen back in Feb 2010, Magnum has already released the jackpot. Why people not chasing the jackpot prize instead of sportstoto? Yes, Damacai still keep the prize like before, and I put more hard work basically research and predict Damacai :)
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02-03-2011 11:17 pm

yeah...give a shout when you 'feel' damacai number!!

jazz...ya the jackpot prize structure sucks...a friend bet system 20..and won only 1 nbr..which is the 1st prize..won not even 3000 rgt!

ok..i can explain to you how to calculate the system bets..worked it out myself.
eg...1234 (permutation)+ 0007 (permutation)
that's 24+4=28 x 27 =756 rgt.
just add up all the total numbers and times 1 number down. that's the total amount it will cost you.
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02-03-2011 11:26 pm

Yeah, that's is how the rule come. "You can make money only if you have money". Not all people / player effort to burn that much money on 1 draw day. Even group 5 prize only return rm28 :( so bad for so much hard work I've done. I'll be paid around rm200 per hour for do the programming.
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02-03-2011 11:35 pm

Glad to hear that we're all in the same wavelength. Although I still look forward to hitting Magnum's jackpot, but sometimes I'd rather just put my effort, time & money on Damacai instead. At least, I get a "guaranteed win" most of the time :)

At times when I compare the prize structure of Magnum's jackpot to Sportstoto's jackpot - it does vary quite a bit. Probably that's why Magnum is "too embarrassed" to put up the entire prize structure of their jackpot game.

And as Coles said, remember to give us a shout when you have a confident DMC number :)

Thanks for your explanation, bro. Now, this is what I call a very detailed explanation on how to calculate the winnings. If only those so-called managers & executives at Magnum can put in a little effort to keep the public more informed than keeping them half way in the dark like now.

I can actually feel how frustrated your friend would be when he found out that he only won a meagre sum for the amount he put in for System 20. If they had actually been transparent enough to put up their entire prize structure on the website, I wouldn't even have placed my bet on System Play.

Now that I can remember, Magnum doesn't even have leaflets placed at their outlets to inform customers on how the Magnum jackpot is played.

Sportstoto on the other hand doesn't stinge at all, and all their outlets are always filled with leaflets for every single game.
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07-09-2013 11:00 pm

Hi cupin! !!!
R u the want predicting the 4d numbers at the front page? Your numbers really cool! I hit 2nd prize once. Thank u!
Just wanted to ask when do u normally change the prediction
Numbers? We've been waiting. N how . long can the 5 numbers be use? Sounds like u changed it once a month or two. =)
Hope to hear from u soon.... thanks again.
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