» » JACKPOT 1 (02/03/11)---DOWN

(Future millionaire)
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02-03-2011 08:39 pm

winning ticket is sold in Kepong. you ka? :D
(a geek)
Msg #2
02-03-2011 09:31 pm

Hi coles,

hahahaha.. not me la. I'm not spend too much money buying ticket. Normally around rm5-10 only. 2211 in hot number hit magnum consolation prize. Do you hit coles?
(Future millionaire)
Msg #3
02-03-2011 09:43 pm

no la cupin...

so far have not kena yet. always miss...
(top contributor)
Msg #4
02-03-2011 10:18 pm

So, Jackpot 1 is down, huh?

Well, at least we can all sleep in peace now while waiting for the jackpot to build up again ... hahaha

Confidence Coles, and I'm sure one day you would hit it right on the sweet spot :)
(Future millionaire)
Msg #5
02-03-2011 10:51 pm

jazz..i hope so!!

it's been a long long time since i hit big one.
fingers crossed the one day is not too far away! :D hahaha.

but my feng shui ( if you believe in it) says i've no luck this year. :(
but it was the same the last few years too...hahahahaha

(top contributor)
Msg #6
02-03-2011 11:13 pm

I do believe in feng shui, but then when it comes to lottery - I think feng shui has little to do with whether we win or not.

So for me, I'd just continue playing ... hahaha

And since you said it's been a long time since your struck a big one, then maybe the time has come now for you to strike again :)
(a geek)
Msg #7
02-03-2011 11:14 pm

Hahahaha jazz1011,

I like the sentence "at least we can sleep". Real funny. It's up to you basically to play or not. For me, I'm just chasing the big one! When we talk about feng shui coles, I'm have a good feng shui last and this year. But I don't take them as a grant. I still believe hard work is the key.
(Future millionaire)
Msg #8
03-03-2011 12:03 am

course hard work is the key..

do you how much hard work it is to find time and sit down and think of what numbers to buy. then find time to go and Q up and buy them.
all this are hard work you know.not forgetting looking for parking spot some more! then after all that,'tim pak yau!'
(gamble maniac)
Msg #9
03-03-2011 12:04 am

Hard Work + feng shui(luck) = Jackpot

(top contributor)
Msg #10
03-03-2011 10:36 am

That's very true, Cupin.

Hard work is still the key.

But then again (like most of us would believe), I guess we can't totally discard feng shui as playing a part too, though.

All-in-all, I'd say 80% should consist of hard work, while the remaining 20% is downright luck.
(top contributor)
Msg #11
03-03-2011 10:37 am

Hahaha... I like the "finding the parking spot" phrase, Coles.

This is definitely one of the "sickening" reason why buying lottery can be so, so tedious :)

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