» » SUPREME TOTO 6/58: Has anyone play this game?

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01-03-2011 10:28 pm

I just wonder if anyone know how to predict Toto 6/58...?
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01-03-2011 10:43 pm

Hi Zed,

I really wish that there's someone who can predict the 6/58 lottery. I remember reading somewhere over the Net previously and this person said, predicting the (now defunct) 6/42 is already hard enough, not to mention 6/58.

Many seasoned and regular punters would say - anything more than 50 or 52 numbers and above in a lottery game is not worth putting in your effort, time & hard earned money to try the your chance. The odds are just simply too large.

Personally, I would just concentrate on 6/52.

Even in those days, I only used to buy 6/42 and even 4/49. I had a much, much better chance when I played 4/49 last time. Sadly, they took all these games off :(

Perhaps the lottery companies felt they were losing too much. And in my opinion, this was the one and only reason why they took all the "old" games off.

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01-03-2011 10:52 pm

Hi jazz,

Nice to know you & many thanks for sharing!

Btw, how would you normally predict on 6/52? any tips? :)
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02-03-2011 12:04 am

Hi Zed,

No worries. We're all like a family here. I only help out what I am capable of, and I would never give out advices that I myself am unsure of.

As for your question, well, let me be extremely honest with you. I don't do any predictions when I play 6/52. Basically, I'm not an analytical person ... haha. 4D on the other hand, is predictable - that I can safely say because our good ol' friend here, Cupin, has done so & his results speaks for themselves.

My tip to you when you play Toto's lottery is stick to the "lowest" number game. In this case, it's 6/52.

The reason? Well, very simple. The lesser the numbers in a game, the better the chances of you hitting the winning numbers drawn. I guess it's a simple mathematical theory that you, I, and anyone would know.

I concentrated a lot on 4/49 those days, and I can say that I've won more times on 4/49 than on 6/42 :)

Even though the winning amount was much more less, but I was still happy as I won more frequently.

Another tip which I can give you is, try to buy System Play. But only do this if you really have the money to spare, and when you have planned your gambling budget very CAREFULLY. System Play will give you a better chance at winning (at least some lower rung prizes, if not hitting the jackpot) - but again, there is No Guarantee that you are sure to hit the Big One if you use this system.

As always, play responsibly. I was a compulsive gambler last time, and it has caused me a lot of problems. But luckily, I managed to pull myself out of the "deep pit" and regained my self-consciousness. Now, I play because I want to earn some extra income - although I don't deny I am still looking forward to strike the jackpot :)

So, all the best to you & hope to hear some good news from you soon!
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02-03-2011 08:27 am

Hi guys,

Thanks jazz1011 for sharing your knowledge. I'm cannot answer such question because I'm not do any research on this game. I think the odds is to slim. I'm sure there must be a way to predict the number but it takes so much effort.
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02-03-2011 01:33 pm

i think i'll go bonkers before i could figure it out..

trying to get 4d in the correct sequence is hard enough!

i just buy a few lines of 'lucky pick'..and then crossed my fingers!
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02-03-2011 02:19 pm

You're right, Coles.

For Toto's lottery (6/52, 6/55 & 6/58), I'd rather place my fate purely on luck than to crack my head trying to figure out the "impossible" combinations.

Therefore, it's Lucky Pick for me too ... all the way :)
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03-04-2012 03:19 pm

I regiously placed bets on this combination of 1,3,17,18, 23, 27. I forget which 6/52, or 6/55, or 6/58; it was so long ago. Draw after draw this went on, until finally I realised it was a foolhardy bet. But lo and behold months after I had stopped buying, 5 of the 6 numbers came out. Go figure!!
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