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How big is your lottery winning you ever collect?

Reminder: Please settle and pay your debt first before playing and buying your lottery ticket. Pay early to prevent loan interest. Save as much money into your private retirement scheme, because 75% people is not ready for their retirement nowdays and the kwsp, epf and cpf money will finish in just 5 years. Credit cards like visa and mastercard are easy to get, think carefully before you spend money and buy something with it. Do not play any online gambling or going to casino, because it is very addictive and hard to manage your budget. Clairvoyant and tarot psychic reading can help to increase chances of winning the lottery sometimes, but please be careful with scammer.

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24-02-2011 01:51 am

The biggest winning money I personally collect from playing lottery is rm12.5K. My gut feeling tell me that I must follow this number. I start buying rm1 ticket and increase the amount by rm1 if not win. In the 5 draw, the number drawn as 1st prize with total bet rm5 :) How big is big only you can answer it. How big have you ever collect?

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26-02-2011 01:59 pm

For me, the biggest winning I won is RM5K, and it was a 1st prize on an i-Box ticket.

Although the amount might not be much to some people, but the feeling that I had that time was just overwhelming. I remember screaming out loud and telling my parents & grandmother that I had WON, I WON :)

If I were to answer how big is big enough for me... hmmm... the answer would definitely be: striking the Jackpot ...hahaha

* Hey Cupin, don't put my title as Top Contributor la. I "pai seh" la. I just help as much as I can & within my capabilities. You're still the master of the game ... hehe

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26-02-2011 02:32 pm

then i champion la...mine is 15k!

not my number but my sister's. she asked me for 10 rgt to buy a nbr,
join with hers. that time i was not into buying 4d yet.
i didn't even know what number she bought till she told me, my share is 15k..
but that was a long long time ago.

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26-02-2011 02:52 pm

You are indeed the champ, coles.

Congrats on your winning :)

Although it was a long time ago, but a win is still a win regardless of whose number was that, and who actually bought it. At least you got a share of RM15K - and that officially makes you our current title holder :)

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26-02-2011 04:33 pm

hahaha..after that i started buying 4d..
but i'm sure you guys have exceeded 15k in total winnings as compared to my one off 15k win.. but i was happy nonetheless then.

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26-02-2011 10:09 pm

Hi coles,

thanks for your inspiring story :)

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27-02-2011 12:54 am

Nah... I can be sure my total winnings doesn't exceed 15K. Close to 15K maybe, but definitely not exceeding it.

As a matter of fact, I don't think my total winnings touch 15K either ...haha

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